Baby Photography – How to Make Beautiful Baby Pictures?

Baby Photography - How to Make Beautiful Baby Pictures?
Baby Photography - How to Make Beautiful Baby Pictures?

Why taking pictures right now?

During the first month of life, your baby is constantly sleeping. And eating… And shouting. All this actions in a continuous cycle. What can you do about it?

Read about the first month of life and take a proper care of your newborn, which, I’m sure, you do. As for the sleeping hours – you may use those to have some fun and amuse your creativity unless it disturbs the baby too much. Today we will talk about baby photography! Not the blurring Instagram pictures with low resolution, but the pictures to put on the wall, send to your mom and collect “likes” on Facebook.

To start with – you’d have to prepare in advance. You’ll need a kit of the devices. It’s good if photographing was one of your hobbies – in that case, you most probably have the devices for taking pictures – reflectors, flash light and an appropriate camera. And some baby picture ideas. If not – we will give you some tips on baby photography.

You’d need some space and following items:

1. Warm cozy knitted shawl or the blanket.

knitted shawl

2. Faux fur

Faux fur

3. Kind domestic animal your baby is not allergic to.


4. The dad


5. Knitted sets for taking pictures of the newborns. Those you can purchase from amazon, they look like that:



6. A shabby-chic basket or a wicker basket. Or an old-fashioned travel suitcase. It should look retro enough to make your picture super cool.

7. Some photo-experience. It’s not that simple to catch the right light. But you’re just having fun – you’re not going to take money for that, right?

Baby photography: Light

Ok, and we’re passing to the technique. The main thing for the good picture – is the light source. You don’t have any particular tools, do you? Most probably, you’d have to use the natural light. The dusk and dawn lights give the best coloring – the light is soft and bright and everything looks magic in it. Stand by the window, take a mirror and determine, at what angle your face looks more attractive. Memorize the position – this would be the point, where you’d set a composition. More or less. The side window light should fall on the part of the body of the baby you want to be highlighted. No lamps of flashlights. Try to keep it natural. Since you’ve picked up the lightest spot of your place – don’t mess with the direct sun rays – the light source should be a little bit behind or at the side of you camera – not in front. There will be no baby in the picture – just the sun.

Baby photography: Composition

Now, all you have to do – is to set a composition. The best compositions and play of lights on the object you may get outside, but if it’s a damn winter with ice and snow, you’d hardly recreate the atmosphere of coziness and tenderness the baby photo should carry. So place a fur rug under one of your lightest windows, dress your baby up, while it’s still awake or keep the baby naked, if you’re not putting any knitted sets for the baby photography. Prepare the tools you might need for the composition and place them on the spot of the right light, where later your baby will be. Now wait until you baby starts falling asleep and wrap her in a knitted shawl, or simply put her on a rug (in a basket, in a suitcase, in the hands of the father) and start taking pictures of your cutie. Remember – the way you see the picture on the screen of your digital camera is close to what a picture will look like, and never better.

Baby as the key element

Please, observe a comfort temperature of the room in order to keep your baby comfortable, while you’re minding your creative business. No matter what they say about the comfort temperature, but your baby just came out of you – the temperature of the room should not be much colder. Otherwise, the  baby will wake up and the photo session will be ruined. The baby photo ideas are endless – as many images as you can create using the cute objects from your environment.

Now behold what the professionals may do, using the list of those simple tools and a bunch of additional equipment. The iconic Anne Geddes was the first, who brought baby photography on the level of the pop-art!

Baby Photography Baby Photography

Baby Photography Baby Photography

Baby Photography

And less iconic, but still professional photographers.

Baby Photography Baby Photography

Baby Photography Baby Photography

Baby Photography  Baby Photography

Baby Photography  Baby Photography

Baby Photography  Baby Photography

Baby Photography  Baby Photography

Baby Photography

baby photography baby photography 2 baby photography 3 baby photography 4 baby photography 5 baby photography 6 baby photography 7 baby photography 8 baby photography 9 baby photography 10 baby photography 11 baby photography 12 baby photography 13 baby photography 14 baby photography 15

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