What Causes Birthmarks? 5 Most Common Causes

Birthmarks (nevus scientifically) are small benign tumors. They can be found already in a one-year-old child but the bulk of them appear on the body by 25 years. Birthmarks can appear on the body of

A Child’s Temperature: How to Deal with Fever?

A child’s temperature plays a huge role in the baby’s health. Increased body temperature is a manifestation of protective reaction to infection. However, an increase in temperature is not always associated with the disease, especially if

Fetus Development Malformations: Risk Factors & Types

Inborn malformation (birth-defect) is any persistent anatomical deviation in development of organ or part of the body. It is caused by teratogenic factors or genetic mutations. Causes of intrauterine fetal anomalies. All the known causes

Rickets & Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms & Treatment

Rickets is a decease affecting young growing children, associated with violation of metabolism and deficiency of vitamin D. It affects bones and nervous systems. Rickets was known in ancient times. In the second century, BC

Diphtheria: Symptoms, Toxin, Vaccine & Treatment

Diphtheria is an acute life-threatening infectious decease. It proceeds as an acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, predominantly pharynx (about 90% of the cases). The inflammation of the nose, skin in the place where

What is Whooping Cough: Sound, Signs, Vaccine & Treatment

Whooping cough – (pertussis) an acute infectious disease accompanied by inflammation in the upper respiratory tracts and paroxysmal spasmodic cough.  Among the most frequently infected are unvaccinated children under the age of 5. But infants