7 Tips to Enjoy Your Baby’s First Year

The first year with your baby can be a very stressful time. Whether this is your first child or your fourth, every baby is different. This is an amazing time in your life, but you

6-Month-Old Baby: Development, Schedule & Toys

In the sixth month of life, the baby has long periods tummy time, the 6-month-old baby leans on his forearms with confidence and holds his head straight. Physical development As a rule, during this month

5-Month-Old Baby: Development, Milestones & Feeding

Now the 5-month-old baby recognizes her parents not only by smell and touch but also visually. Physical development The rate of the development of the 5-month-old baby is still high, but not as swift as during

3-Month-Old Baby: Development, Milestones & Feeding

The newborn period has passed, but the body of the 3-month-old baby continues its development at a surprisingly high pace. Meet the social 3-month-old baby! Physical development During the third month, the baby must gain

1-Month-Old Baby: The Development of a Newborn

There will be hundreds of months and dozens of years in this human being’s life, but the FIRST month is four weeks of special responsibility and care from the parents, it is thirty days of