6 Best Smoothie Recipes For Babies

When it comes to parenting, I’m sure you’re wondering on what to feed your baby once you have introduced him to solids. Why not kick in a bit of a sweet tooth and start introducing

3 Easy Finger Foods For Babies With No Teeth!

Do you have a little angel? I bet that you are feeling happy and ecstatic right now! Having a baby gives is quite exhilarating. It is an experience that only full-time parents can understand. But

The Five Healthy Foods For Your Baby

Besides breastfeeding your baby, he will soon be introduced to new types of food to have him transition to a diet for older children. From solids to juices, they will start to explore with their

A Child’s Temperature: How to Deal with Fever?

A child’s temperature plays a huge role in the baby’s health. Increased body temperature is a manifestation of protective reaction to infection. However, an increase in temperature is not always associated with the disease, especially if

Fetus Development Malformations: Risk Factors & Types

Inborn malformation (birth-defect) is any persistent anatomical deviation in development of organ or part of the body. It is caused by teratogenic factors or genetic mutations. Causes of intrauterine fetal anomalies. All the known causes

Rickets & Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms & Treatment

Rickets is a decease affecting young growing children, associated with violation of metabolism and deficiency of vitamin D. It affects bones and nervous systems. Rickets was known in ancient times. In the second century, BC

Diphtheria: Symptoms, Toxin, Vaccine & Treatment

Diphtheria is an acute life-threatening infectious decease. It proceeds as an acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, predominantly pharynx (about 90% of the cases). The inflammation of the nose, skin in the place where