Baby Fever: How to Get Better In 5 Minutes

Not all the parents know what to do if the baby fever comes to visit. Should they give their babies fever reducers? What kind and how many? Here you will get your answers. The parents

Baby Sleep Problems? Easy Solutions

Baby sleep problems are those, you can solve without turning to the specialist, unlike the sleeping disorders. In order to determine, whether the baby sleep problems are not connected with the most common sleep disorders,

Children’s Tantrums. How to Talk With Your Child?

Children’s tantrums (or temper tantrums) – are the extremely nervous, excited states leading to the loss of self-control and are expressed in unmotivated actions, mood swings, loud crying and sharp movements of the limbs. What do

Humidifier for Baby: How to Choose?

How to choose an air humidifier for baby? This question excites every thoughtful parent. The point is that our health and our mood depend on many factors where our microclimate takes not the last position

Baby Photography: Is Camera Flash Safe for Your Child?

Any caring parent would want to save the memories of their beloved child in various formats – pictures, videos, records. However, the most widespread – is still the photography. You have cameras everywhere now: your

How to Potty Train a Baby and When to Start?

Some people start to potty train a baby too early, which may lead to failure of defecation control mechanisms. The specialists say, that parents may rather train themselves to “catch” the baby at the moment the baby needs