What Will My Baby Look Like? Why Do We Care

Will my baby be beautiful? If you and your soulmate are far from the Hollywood standards of beauty and you’ve decided to have a baby – there’s good news for you! You definitely can make your

How to Potty Train a Baby and When to Start?

Some people start to potty train a baby too early, which may lead to failure of defecation control mechanisms. The specialists say, that parents may rather train themselves to “catch” the baby at the moment the baby needs

Infant Reflexes to Check In Your Baby

Congenital reflexes (infant reflexes) – is a specific baby’s response to a specific external irritant. Infant Reflexes research is mainly used to assess the condition of the nervous system. Normally, all the reflexes have their

The Baby Won’t Sleep: What Can You Do?

The question of why the child does not sleep well often worries many parents: “My baby won’t sleep, what am I doing wrong?”; “My child is almost a year old, but still does not sleep well

15 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a New Mom

Got a baby? Perfect! Got ready for the baby? Arranged a beautiful  “hello kitty” nursery full of stuff? Want to drop a Baby Shower? Your friends don’t need to think much – just share this

10 Reasons for Baby Crying and How to Soothe One

Babies never cry without a reason. Baby crying – is a way to declare the discomfort and drive the attention to the problem. We made a list of the most common causes for “sudden” baby crying to help

Baby Acne: How to Treat?

Acne (ancient Greek ἀκμή «spearhead, the height, flourishing.”) – An inflammatory disease of the skin, caused by changes in the pilosebaceous structures (composed of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland), provoked by the various reasons. Baby