Multiple Births: What Should Every Woman Be Aware of?

If you expect two or more babies – it is called multiple births. The management of multiple births has its own characteristics. The competence of doctors (an obstetrician-gynecologist, a specialist in monitoring the condition of

Sex After C-Section Delivery – Should it Hurt?

Some women want to have sex after C-section as soon as possible while others delay this moment for an uncertain period of time. This process may become painful for many women and may cause discomfort.

C-Section Scar: Types, Care & Revision

Cesarean section is a type of surgery to which obstetricians, gynecologists, and surgeons resort only in extreme situations when it is necessary to save mother and baby’s lives. After a cesarean section, there is a

C-Section Recovery – Terms, Care & Useful Tips

Recovery after childbirth is not an easy process. The C-section recovery is a separate topic. Knowing all the rules and details of the process, a young mother will be able to restore her body strength

Natural Childbirth After Cesarean Section

Nowadays Cesarian section is a quite common way to deliver a child. The doctors are doing their best to ease the childbirth process via cesarean in more than 30% of all pregnancy cases in developed