Painless Childbirth: a Fairy Tale or a Miracle?

Many women are afraid of the forthcoming labor and the pain connected with it. But not averyone know that painless childbirth is possible! First of all, it depends on the woman and her psychological spirit on childbirth. Having heard

Labor Contractions: What Do They Feel Like?

Labor contractions – regular involuntary contractions of muscles of the uterus, which a woman in labor cannot handle. True contractions. The shortest last 20 seconds with 15 minutes pauses. The longest last 60 seconds with

Natural Childbirth: The Three Stages To Go Through

We all know that childbirth is natural for a human being, but the certain peculiarities of the human anatomy require special attention to that particular process. Childbirth is a sacred event for every woman: it’s

Natural Childbirth After Cesarean Section

Nowadays Cesarian section is a quite common way to deliver a child. The doctors are doing their best to ease the childbirth process via cesarean in more than 30% of all pregnancy cases in developed

Vaginal Tear Prevention by Preparing for Natural Childbirth

Why getting ready for the natural childbirth? At the preparation for childbirth classes (held by professional doula and obstetrician for many years) some of the pregnant women always ask: “Is there any special way to prepare the perineum to