C-Section Recovery – Terms, Care & Useful Tips

Recovery after childbirth is not an easy process. The C-section recovery is a separate topic. Knowing all the rules and details of the process, a young mother will be able to restore her body strength

Stretch Marks – What are They & How To Remove?

Stretch marks (Latin striae – strips;), skin atrophy strip, strip atrophoderma – a kind of atrophy (defect) of the skin in the form of narrow wavy bands (strips) of different widths, of white to reddish-purple

Vagina after Childbirth – the Rehabilitation Period

The question in which condition the vagina will be after childbirth is troubling every woman. The vagina endures considerable changes which can affect a young mother’s state of health and sexual life during the first

Postpartum Bleeding – The Healing Wound

Postpartum bleeding is an entirely natural process which every new mother is confronted with. Experts say that after childbirth excreta containing some blood are regular and typical for all new mothers regardless of the type

Natural Childbirth: The Three Stages To Go Through

We all know that childbirth is natural for a human being, but the certain peculiarities of the human anatomy require special attention to that particular process. Childbirth is a sacred event for every woman: it’s

Postpartum Depression: How To Treat It Right

Postpartum depression is a breach of emotional balance which starts after a woman gives birth; and main signs of which are low spirits, anxiety, and inability to accomplish daily tasks. This pathology has a negative

Sex After Pregnancy: The Common Problems

Childbirth, especially if it is your first child, introduces its own changes into the way of life of all the family. Sexual life is not an exception. There are common myths about sex after pregnancy,

Natural Childbirth After Cesarean Section

Nowadays Cesarian section is a quite common way to deliver a child. The doctors are doing their best to ease the childbirth process via cesarean in more than 30% of all pregnancy cases in developed