A Surrogate Mother: The Science and the Ethics

There are lots of couples around the world who cannot get pregnant because of infertility. These couples constitute 20%. Unfortunately, statistics don’t reveal how many of them decide to use the help of a surrogate

Stress and Pregnancy: Time To Relax

Stress is a high tension condition of the body as a defensive reaction to various adverse factors, such as hunger, cold, physical or mental injury etc.. Stress and pregnancy sometimes go hand in hand. Some

An Ideal Mother: Does Your Baby Really Need One?

How to become an ideal mother? I know from the experience that almost any woman who comes to the pregnancy preparation classes wants to become the ideal mother. They come for the purpose to receive

The Role of a Father – What is the Father For?

Where do the children come from? An eternal question. Everybody seems to know how to answer it but doesn’t know how to answer clearly. However, the answer, in general, consists of two parts. The first

Children’s Tantrums. How to Talk With Your Child?

Children’s tantrums (or temper tantrums) – are the extremely nervous, excited states leading to the loss of self-control and are expressed in unmotivated actions, mood swings, loud crying and sharp movements of the limbs. What do