15 Best Pregnancy Books to Read Before the Due Date

Best pregnancy books should be recommended I know from experience that many expectant mothers during pregnancy strive to prepare for the birth and meeting with their babies in a proper way. They want desperately to

The Baby Won’t Sleep: What Can You Do?

The question of why the child does not sleep well often worries many parents: “My baby won’t sleep, what am I doing wrong?”; “My child is almost a year old, but still does not sleep well

Fatherhood as the Quality of a Real Man

What is fatherhood? Fatherhood – is the highest level of man’s personal development. There is a large difference in manifestation of parental feelings in animals and humans. If, for example, a cat or a dog

10 Reasons for Baby Crying and How to Soothe One

Babies never cry without a reason. Baby crying – is a way to declare the discomfort and drive the attention to the problem. We made a list of the most common causes for “sudden” baby crying to help

Child Adoption – Conscious Option of Parenting

Child Adoption – is a way of upbringing in a family of the children deprived of parental care. At adopting, legal (personal and property) relations that exist between parents and children are established between the adoptee