Top 7 Common Types of Nursing Tops for Breastfeeding

nursing tops. breastfeeding mother

Clothes for breastfeeding are very different. They are suitable for any time of year, any weather and for all tastes and preferences. They vary from comfortable overalls to feminine dresses. Nursing clothes are very useful and helpful for breastfeeding mothers as they let you feel comfortable, fashionable and beautiful. One of the useful examples of breastfeeding clothes is nursing tops. Let’s get acquainted with the most typical and popular types of nursing tops.

Nursing Clothes

An active and modern woman today has the opportunity not to lock herself at home after the birth of a child. Walking with a newborn baby, visiting friends, shopping and going to cafes is all quite possible. And for the convenience of young mothers, special clothes are created that provide the opportunity to breastfeed the child in a public place, imperceptibly to others, staying warm and not experiencing difficulties. This is comfortable not only for mom but for the baby as well. After all breastfeeding in the first year of life is a very important process, which is treated with great seriousness by both mother and child. Therefore, clothes for nursing mothers are gaining increasing popularity among women.

Nursing clothes are very convenient for breastfeeding children in public. No one will notice anything because nursing clothes are designed in such a way as to hide the process of feeding from strangers and make it as convenient as possible for the mother and the baby.

In the first months after childbirth, it is better to choose stretching models such as classic bras for feeding with detachable cups or nursing tops. But it is better to leave models of woven materials such as 100% cotton, with a dense cup or lace without elastane for a time when the lactation is established and the breast size will not change.

Use of Clothes for Nursing Mothers

Nursing clothes are comfortable and functional. They have a special secret, thanks to which the mother can nurse her baby quietly, without taking off her clothes.

Very often, the secret in clothes for feeding is invisible. So, mothers can easily wear nursing clothes after the end of breastfeeding. Some models are designed to be worn during pregnancy, which is especially convenient. A special cut allows you to hide some imperfections of the body for some time after the delivery. Secrets of nursing clothes can be different for the convenience of mom and baby – undercut under the breast, vertical and horizontal secret zippers, double T-shirt, etc.

Fabrics such as cotton, viscose plus a small addition of lycra for the elasticity of the product are used for sewing clothes for nursing mothers. Cotton is an environmentally friendly natural material. Viscose or wood silk is the most natural artificial fiber, which is made of cellulose wood and plants. Such clothing is pleasant to the body and breathes well.

Nursing clothes make the communication between the mother and the baby possible anywhere and at any minute, even in the most crowded places, making the feeding process completely invisible.

Modern clothes for nursing mothers are created taking the latest fashion trends into account. You can always look stylish and fashionable.

Nursing Tops

Nursing tops are suitable for both wearing at home and for sleep. There are no plastic and metal parts, which can cause discomfort. There are also nursing tops for going out which are not worse than any other women’s clothes. Also, nursing tops are convenient for moms, whose kids ask for breasts very often. Usually, there are no fastening details on nursing tops. It is enough to pull the edge of the top aside. This model of clothes for nursing mothers is especially convenient in the first months of feeding, as constant flows of milk increase the breast. Therefore, the usual size you used to wear may be small.

Nursing tops are functional and fashionable. Modern nursing tops adapt the latest trends to offer easy access breastfeeding, helping you to feel comfortable and confident.

Top 7 Types of Nursing Tops

header 1 Nursing Tops with a Cut Under the Breast

The shortened upper top ends under the breast. All you need to do to breastfeed the baby is to pick the upper top up and expose your breast. Some models are equipped with an elastic band, thanks to which the clothes fit better. Most often such a secret cut is used in sports shirts, T-shirts with long sleeves and nursing tops. They are perfect for home and frequent attachment of the baby to the breast. It is considered universal for all women. However, with larger breast size, additional breast support in the form of a bra may be required. This type of feeding secret is most often found in home models. Shirts, home T-shirts, nursing tops, pajamas, all models of clothes for home and sleep are equipped with a horizontal neckline because this is a very convenient secret. Although it is quite noticeable.

nursing tops

header 2 Nursing Tops with Zippers. Crossover Splits

When the inconspicuous zipper is sewn into long vertical slits, the upper additional layer is no longer needed. Such secret of feeding is typical for warm clothes from dense fabrics: warm nursing tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. Make sure that a zipper is easily unzipped with one hand because another one will be holding the baby at the moment. Also, it is worth paying attention to the length of the zippers. Women with a large breast size will require a zipper not shorter than 15, and preferably 20 centimeters.

nursing tops with zippers

header 3 Wrap Nursing Tops

Wrap nursing tops are designed according to the same principles as ordinary fashionable blouses. Such nursing tops organically fit into the wardrobe of a stylish mom. Usually, these models have an inner layer that is short and narrow enough to be easily moved from the breast to the center. The outer layer is made as a wrap. This is one of the most optimal feeding secret, which suits mothers of any body type. Most importantly such nursing tops will remain relevant even after the end of breastfeeding because these models seem to be not different from ordinary clothes.

wrap over nursing tops

header 4 Unbutton and Pull Up Nursing Tops

Sometimes the secret of feeding is based on buttons that are easily unbuttoned with one hand. This is a good option for kids who like to pull something and touch. Large buttons will occupy the baby’s fingers and calm the baby down in unfamiliar surroundings. As soon as the outer layer is unbuttoned, the deep armhole of the inner linen is shifted away from the armpit and allows to breastfeed the child with comfort.

nursing tops with buttons

header 5 Nursing Tops with Vertical Cut

In nursing tops with a decorative element on the chest, a vertical cut is hidden in the lower layer. When you move the overlaid element to one side, and the lower part to the other, you expose the breast and can easily breastfeed.

nursing tops with vertical cut

header 6 V-Neck Nursing Tops

Another one of the varieties of nursing tops are tops with a deep V-neck, under which a shortened top is hidden. Unlike the so-called double t-shirts, where the lower fabric is only slightly visible above the top, here you don’t have to pull the top too low, it is certainly deeper than usual. This protects the fabric from deformation and keeps a nice appearance of the neck.

double vneck nursing tops

header 7 Nursing Tops with Vertical Slots in the Lower Layer

Another option of nursing tops is a top with vertical slots in the lower layer, which are covered with a T-shirt on top. For feeding, you raise the edge of the item and feed the baby. At the same time, you can hide the baby from prying eyes, noise or light by the upper part.

And for those who are not comfortable with vertical cuts, there are models with a long inner layer: a deep armhole is moved away from the armpit, and the lower part of the top is fastened with buttons on the sides. At feeding it is put upward, releasing the breasts.

nursing tops with cut in armpit area

In addition to the design of nursing clothes, the quality of the materials from which they are made is of great importance as well. Since the baby spends a lot of time in direct contact with the mother, artificial dyes or non-natural fabrics can affect the child’s health. Synthetic materials create unpleasant sensations on the skin and can cause an allergic reaction. That’s why you need to be careful while choosing the fabrics of nursing tops.



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