5 Workout Dos and Don’ts When Being Pregnant

Many pregnant women fear working out. Reason for this may be because they are afraid of harming the life growing in their wombs. However, researchers believe that exercise can be good for the mother and

How Many Weeks Is a Pregnancy?

How many weeks is a pregnancy? You won’t be able to calculate 100% accurate due date. It’s just not possible. Sometimes the due date matches the actual date of the delivery as a result of

Can You Keep Running While Pregnant?

Those women who go running every morning get used to it so much that it’s very hard for them to stop even during pregnancy. Besides, we all know that active lifestyle is the key to

Dealing With High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

We are living in the fast-changing world which brings with it not only the benefits of civilization but also a few “side-effects”, for example, a lot of stress. And stress, in turn, brings such unpleasant

PMS or Pregnancy: Am I Pregnant or Is It Just PMS?

It’s amazing how similar the symptoms of PMS and pregnancy in the early stages are! And very often a woman goes crazy and can’t understand: is it PMS or pregnancy? Actually, it’s really difficult to