Swollen Feet During Pregnancy: Ways to Cope

Swollen feet during pregnancy are a challenge almost every soon-to-be mom has to face. Especially often swelling during pregnancy afflicts women in the later pregnancy stages (during the second and third trimester). Swollen feet and

Losing Weight While Pregnant: No Harm to Your Baby!

Up to modern time, people have thought that a pregnant woman should be “eating for two”. But now gynecologists recommend future mothers to pay attention to their diet and lifestyle. In order to give birth

What Is a Diaphragm Birth Control? How Does It Work?

Barrier means of contraception are popular among people of different ages. They do not allow sperm to get into the woman’s ovaries, thereby preventing pregnancy. The most known and commonly available are the condom and

Drinking While Pregnant: Alcohol and Pregnancy

No one should doubt that drinking while pregnant is threatening the fetal development and the health of a future baby. We all heard, read, and discussed everything about the issue. However, no small number of