What is Contraception? The Main Birth Control Methods

Contraception (lat. «contraceptio» -. Liter. – exception) or birth control – the prevention of pregnancy by mechanical (condoms, cervical caps, etc.), chemical (eg, vaginal balls, spermacetical paste) and other contraceptive means and methods. Some methods

Pregnancy Test: When To Take To Be Positive?

Pregnancy test – is a procedure that allows you to identify the signs of a woman’s pregnancy in the early stage. A short pregnancy test: Are you a woman of reproductive age? Have you recently had unprotected

When is The Best Time to Get Pregnant?

The question of planning a baby often makes future parents take into consideration lots of nuances before, during and after conceiving. Recent results of static research of middle-aged people who become parents for the first

Teenage Pregnancy Facts You Should Know

Teenage pregnancy – is a pregnancy of an underage (teenage) girl (typically 13-19 years). The problem of teenage pregnancy stems from the mismatch of the sexual and social maturity. Age and social maturity criteria vary

Pregnancy Stages + Month by Month, Week by Week Chart

The gestation period, which lasts approximately 9 months, begins with fertilization and ends with birth. It can be divided into three unequal parts – stages of pregnancy: The stage of the eggs (pre-germinal) The stage

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Pregnancy

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), (aka venereological diseases, sexually transmitted infections (STI) are the infectious diseases, which are mainly transmitted and spread via sexual contact. The diseases transmitted that particular way only are Syphilis, gonorrhea, donovanosis, chancroid,

Sex During Pregnancy. Is it Healthy?

Got pregnant? Have a partner? Yes, you can have sex during pregnancy. For the first three months no limits. Just don’t go hard on the 4-th, 8-th and 12-th week. It’s when your period should

Ectopic Pregnancy – Causes, Signs and Symptoms

What is an ectopic pregnancy? In order to develop the pregnancy in a normal and safe way for the mother’s body the fertilized ovum (embryo) must get into the uterine cavity via fallopian tubes and