Phantom Pregnancy: a Realistic Wishful Thinking

The majority of women dream of becoming mothers. Many of them get the chance to experience the state of pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing. But some women fall into the category of those who go through

A Surrogate Mother: The Science and the Ethics

There are lots of couples around the world who cannot get pregnant because of infertility. These couples constitute 20%. Unfortunately, statistics don’t reveal how many of them decide to use the help of a surrogate

Heartburn During Pregnancy – How to Put Out a Fire?

Heartburn – is a feeling of discomfort or a burning sensation behind the breastbone, spreading upward from the upper abdominal (epigastric) region, sometimes reflecting in the neck. Heartburn during pregnancy is a common issue many

Vasectomy – Radical Men Contraception

Nowadays the science has moved forward and the modern medicine is able to save even the weakest posteriority of the human. There’s no need in constant breeding in order to save at least a couple

Stress and Pregnancy: Time To Relax

Stress is a high tension condition of the body as a defensive reaction to various adverse factors, such as hunger, cold, physical or mental injury etc.. Stress and pregnancy sometimes go hand in hand. Some