How to Conceive: Important Conditions & Useful Tips

Many women start to panic if pregnancy does not occur within two or three months after they abandoned contraception. However, for healthy couples with a regular sexual life, a typical pattern looks like this: •

Male Birth Control Pill Avaliability – How Soon?

Have you ever thought why in the age of exclusive achievements in modern pharmacology, biology, medicine, artificial insemination, the cloned sheep, tests of an artificial uterus and other surprising achievements of science, we don’t still

Stretch Marks – What are They & How To Remove?

Stretch marks (Latin striae – strips;), skin atrophy strip, strip atrophoderma – a kind of atrophy (defect) of the skin in the form of narrow wavy bands (strips) of different widths, of white to reddish-purple

Condoms – What Are They & How Effective They Are?

A condom is a contraceptive of barrier type, but it also protects you from the large number of pathogens and sexually transmitted diseases. It represents a solid cover, impenetrable for sperm that fits the erected penis.

Birth Control Pills: Types & Brands of Oral Contaceptives

The main priorities of modern medicine are the concern for the preservation of women’s reproductive health, protection and providing safe motherhood. Abortion is a real surgery, which performed at the later stages, leads to infertility,