Drinking While Pregnant: Alcohol and Pregnancy

No one should doubt that drinking while pregnant is threatening the fetal development and the health of a future baby. We all heard, read, and discussed everything about the issue. However, no small number of

Period While Pregnant: Is It a Real Thing?

First of all, it’s absolutely necessary for a future mother to understand that period while pregnant is literally impossible. Yes, there are situations when bleeding during pregnancy occurs when it’s about a time for a

The Vegan’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

“Congratulations! You have a healthy baby boy!” or “You have a healthy baby girl!” These are the words every new parent wants to hear when they welcome their bundle of joy into the world. They

Tips for Camping While Pregnant

Going camping while pregnant may not be everyone’s ideal way to spend their summer. However, if you are one who loves the outdoors and you don’t want to sit at home while it’s so warm

What Is a Molar Pregnancy? Complete & Partial Moles

Molar pregnancy: the causes and definition A molar pregnancy is an abnormal growth of the placental tissue in the uterus as a result of an unfortunate pregnancy. It happens after the sperm has fertilized the