Stretch Marks – What are They & How To Remove?

Stretch marks (Latin striae – strips;), skin atrophy strip, strip atrophoderma – a kind of atrophy (defect) of the skin in the form of narrow wavy bands (strips) of different widths, of white to reddish-purple

Postpartum Depression: How To Treat It Right

Postpartum depression is a breach of emotional balance which starts after a woman gives birth; and main signs of which are low spirits, anxiety, and inability to accomplish daily tasks. This pathology has a negative

Miscarriage: Causes, Symptoms and Ways to Cope

Pregnancy is a miraculous state and process. But sometimes the body decides to get rid of the new life and miscarriage takes place. Usually, it happens at the beginning of pregnancy – during the first

Phantom Pregnancy: a Realistic Wishful Thinking

The majority of women dream of becoming mothers. Many of them get the chance to experience the state of pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing. But some women fall into the category of those who go through