Spotting During Pregnancy: Which Kinds Are Normal?

An expectant mother has every right to be worried even about most trivial things: light pricking in her side, nagging pain in her legs, or light bleeding in early pregnancy. It’s understandable because every future

Pregnant with Twins: Causes, Symptoms, and Risks

When a future mother finds out that she is pregnant with twins and is carrying two babies instead of a one inside of her womb, such a pregnancy is called “multiple”. The pregnant woman doesn’t

Can a Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

Statistically, 25% women are not sure about pregnancy test results. In fact, express pregnancy tests don’t fail so often. But can you trust their results without any doubts? Or can a pregnancy test be wrong?

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms: the Earliest Signs

The misinterpreted ectopic pregnancy symptoms are a rare case. What should you pay attention to in order to avoid terrible complications? If the fertilized egg cell fastens in the ovary, abdominal cavity, fallopian tube or