Missed Period But Not Pregnant – What Should I Do?

Be careful! This material is completely educational. Self-treatment can be dangerous for your health! Only a health professional is able to make out an exact diagnosis, choose a correct treatment, and give advice considering your

How Soon Can a Blood Test Detect Pregnancy?

When it turns out a woman has a missed period she starts thinking about a possible pregnancy. She looks for different symptoms which should prove her right. But the most credible way to detect pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms but Not Pregnant: How Can It Be?

“Every month I feel like I’m pregnant – I have nausea, breast sensitivity, frequent urination, and other usual pregnancy symptoms but the test is always negative. How can it be?” Wishful thinking Everyone gives in

How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Symptoms?

Indeed, how soon after the conception do pregnancy symptoms start? And which signs and symptoms signalize about pregnancy even before a positive test result? Important factors We should note that everything about the answer to