1 Month Pregnant – Signs & Symptoms. What to expect?

1 Month Pregnant

It’s not important if it has been unexpected or happened in accordance with your desire, but now there is a tiny living being in your tummy and in nine months it will turn into a lovely newborn baby. And you will love her, for sure!

The initiation of life

The first month of pregnancy starts from the moment when an ovum (an egg) and a sperm meet in the uterine tube. During the first week after the conception, the cells in the ovum start to divide and at the same time the egg moves to the uterine cavity. By the beginning of the second week (usually on the eighth day after the conception) it gets to the uterus and fastens onto its wall. Then it begins to grow.
The inner membrane of the uterus resembles the surface of the moon, where small bumps are scattered around. They are just like little beacons, sending chemical signals to the embryo: “hang on to us”.

1 Month Pregnant mood changesAnd here comes the most important moment – fastening onto the uterus and formation of the placenta. As soon as it happens, blood vessels grow from the embryo into the mucous membrane of the uterus and start the active exchange of nutrient substances and oxygen. Now your body performs fine work – creation of a new human being. By this time, the engorgement may begin because of intensive hormonal reorganization.

The moment of implantation of the fetus expectant mother can face leaps in her mood because of sudden hormonal changes. From the fourth week, the concentration of progesterone is especially high. Due to this fact, a protective mucous plug is formed in the cervix of the uterus to close the entrance into the uterus until the end of pregnancy.

Since that moment, the nervous anxiety of the mother is considerably decreased and that means the emotional condition is gradually coming back to normal. Being 1 month pregnant is a new challenge of the coming new life.

1 month pregnant: Useful tips

In the first month of pregnancy, an expectant mother needs a lot of rest. But this doesn’t mean that the future mother should be staying in bed all day long: excessive rest only intensifies the weakness. From now on your food, rest and way of living should become proper and as healthy as possible.

Keep to a well-balanced diet, air the room where you sleep, avoid noisy places. Do exercise if you feel well. Go walking and, certainly, enjoy your life.

  • In order to cope with morning sickness, add the food rich in proteins and carbohydrates to your diet.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water: milkshakes, fruit and vegetable juice, soups or broths. Your diet should be rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, which also contain a lot of water.
  • As far as possible eat a dry toast, a cracker or a banana in the morning while you’re still in bed. Eat small portions of food often during the day.
  • Avoid smoking areas and, of course, don’t smoke.
  • Try not to be nervous. Fill your life with joy and positive moments. Make the list of pleasant events for a week and do them.

You should consult a doctor:

  • 1 Month Pregnant , You should consult a doctorIf you feel severe pain in the abdomen from one or both sides; with the pain accompanied by the excreta containing some blood as well as sickness or vomit.
  • With minor or strongly pronounced discharge, with or without a smell.
  • With painful urination.
  • With general weakness, dizziness or fainting.
  • With high body temperature.
  • With strongly pronounced nausea with vomiting (more than 5 times per day).

Development of the fetus in the first month of pregnancy

The fertilized egg forms an embryo. The little thing enters the uterus in 3 days after conception. Approximately in a week, it fastens onto the uterine cavity and remains there for the whole term of pregnancy. In the second week, the fetus begins to live on mother’s resources because the supply of nutrients in the ovule has already been completely used. The formation of the umbilical cord and placenta begins. The chord (the rudiment of the spinal column) is set.

In the third week, various tissues distinguish; the foundation of organs begins. The heart is formed, it has the simple single-stage heart so far (but by the end of the second month it will obtain the same structure as an adult’s heart).

The neural system, which began to develop in the middle of the second week, is continuing to form into the spinal cord and the brain.

In the fourth week, eye-sockets are formed, the arms and legs begin their development; the rudiments of almost all the internal organs are finished. The size of the fetus by the end of the 1st month can be compared to a rice grain – about 4 mm.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy

  • Absence of menstruation (though sometimes spotting appear in time of the next period or by the time of implantation of the egg)
  • Weakness and sleepiness
  • Frequent urinations
  • Nausea, which can be accompanied by vomiting and increased salivation
  • Intolerance of some kinds of food and, to the contrary, inexplicable urge towards the other
  • The feeling of heaviness in breasts
  • Intensification of discharge from the vagina.

1 Month Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the first month of pregnancy.

1 Month Pregnant Ultrasound

2 weeks of pregnancy after conception or 4 weeks of gestational age due to ultrasound in the womb we can see fetal egg with diameter about 3-4 mm.

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      Why would you kill an innocent life? Do you know how many people wish they could get pregnant? Your thinking is selfish.

      • 3

        People shouldnt be forced to give birth when they arent ready to have a child in their life and just because other women cant have a baby doesnt mean people who can have to. It’s sad but they can always adopt a child since there are plenty of children becoming homeless because nobody will adopt them.

      • 4

        That’s is true I totally agree with you. Why would anyone decide to bring a child into the world. And all of sudden then wanna do something stupid. I mean come on there are million of people who would love to be in their shoes.

      • 5

        I missed my period and my husband and I did have unprotected sex around my ovulation after my last period. I took the clear blue pregnancy test from the store and it came back positive so I am assuming I am pregnant and I have felt other side effects. My question is how accurate are those pregnancy test from the store?

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      • 7

        Very true.Selfish thinking indeed.Am one month pregnant and trying to preserve it.Dont want to lose it at all.But others are thinking of terminating.What a foolish idea.

  2. 8

    My boyfriend wanted to have a baby with me, we already tried many times but Im still not pregnant. The last we did was on my ovulation day and I still have no signs of PMS or menstruation since it’s been the third week already. I think I am pregrant, my mood always changes, I crave foods, always sleepy and sometimes something is aching on the side of my abdomin.

  3. 10

    Yep i think that is clear we should take pills when you are not ready to take care of the child u are to welcome but always used protection when he is visiting ur website to avoid mistakes so they should,nt force to give birth when they are not ready

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      Talk to your boyfriend (husband?) about your pregnancy. You didn’t want to have a baby, but what about now? Think it over! If you still don’t want to have a baby at all, consider an abortion, but it’s a very serious step.

  6. 14

    I m 2 month pregnant: but i m sleeping too much, n eating a lot. I m always hungry.. For my job i hav irregular meal n hazzardous junk food. I often skip medication un_intentionally. How bad can it be?

  7. 16

    my last period is on 26aug, on 1st oct i test my urine but negative. on 5th oct i test again and yes it is positive, but i am sad now because first i find out i am pregnant i had drinking alot of alcohol a whole week and i had car sickness and get some pills to prevent it because i think i am not pregnant 🙁 does it harm to my baby ? can anyone tell me 🙁

    • 17

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! And don’t worry too much, there is most probably no harm done to your baby.

  8. 18

    Helloo……my last period was on 19th september but by now i have some changes in my body i feel very tired and sleepy…..can it be that am prgnant?

  9. 21

    I found out I’m a month pregnant my boyfriend has never been keen on using condoms but the Horn after pill I can’t understand how I could be pregnant I’m not ready to be a mom he has a daughter already but I feel even if I keep this one he\she will never be accepted. Abortions are expensive n I really dont know what to do I’m just a student

    • 22

      If you are that scared i would say adoption there are plenty of couples that would love to raise a child as they cant have there own . u have tons of options just sit down and think of one that works best for u and your bf, no one can tell u what and what not to do this is your life and your body! good luck in your journey

  10. 23

    Hello, my last period was on the 26 of Dec 2017 and I test my urine is nagative and this is February,3 2018 I have some changes in all over my body can it be that am pregnant?

  11. 25

    I had my period on the 31st of Dec.Had intercouse on the 13th of Jan spotted on the 18 and 19th of Jan. Its the 7th of Feb still no period. I felt faint the past 2 days but no other signs of pregnancy. Could I stil be preg with no other signs showing?

  12. 26

    Hi on Dec 23th my partner and i we drank some products that cleans our body inside coz we r hoping to have a bbe but on January i neva had my periods i had some pregnancy symptoms sleeping alot moodswang but now on Feb 16 i had my periods its been 3 days now they r not normal its dark blood jst spotting wonder if im pregnant or….plz help

  13. 28

    me and my boyfriend have been having sex for the past few months without condoms or using the pull our method… i am on the pill, how ever recently ive been over tired, feeling sick throughout the day and just over all havent been my self….. so should i look into a pregnancy test or no

  14. 30

    I started my period on the second of march ….i ben having lots of belly cramps an i have seen anything yet but feeling tired a hungry alot lately am i pregnant

    • 31

      Hi! It’s hard to tell by these symptoms: they can be pregnancy signs as well as the signs of PMS. Wait for your next period, and if it doesn’t come as usual – use a test.

  15. 32

    Um yes hello. I got my nexplanon implant out on feb 28th. Ever sonce then ive been having sex as muchh as possible for i want a baby. I dont have normal periods. Actually dont relaly have them very offten. Anyways. Latey. I havent felt good. Nauseous all day. Tired like very tired. I eat more. And my tummy doesnt like chicken. I love chicken but i cant eat it now. I took a test about 2 weeks ago and i didnt get to see the result for myself. I got told it was a negitive but i dont think it was. I think im pregnant. Im 18 years old. I need help. What do you think is going on? Im desperate i need an anawer

    • 33

      You need to do an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy, and if you are pregnant you need professional medical help.

  16. 34

    My husband and I want to start trying but I am in a wedding May 12th. My dress is not very forgiving as it is a natural waist cut. Think I would show? I exercise regularly and eat well. Ahh help!

  17. 36

    Hi my last period was 21 February. It’s been 2weeks after my missed period. I’ve been getting pregnancy symptoms so I’ve tested the first week after missed period and it was negative and then tested again in the second week but still tested negative. I am currently 25 days late with my period. Could I be pregnant?

  18. 38

    My girlfriend missed her period and i think her last period was Feb, 25, 2018. And until now she doesn’t have her period yet. She gain weight but not that much and her breast started to enlarge but not that big and her nipples are not yet out. But she never felt nausea. Sometimes her belly is hurting. Do you think that she is pregnant? And were not ready to have a baby yet. BTW we didn’t use a pregnancy test because we are so nervous 🙁 Thank you for your answer guys

  19. 40

    Is there any possibilities that a woman can miss their period more than a month? This is her first time experiencing this kind of situation. She’s 19 yrs old. What are those possibilities? Because I keep thinking positive that maybe the reason to miss her period more than a month is she’s gaining weight. Before, she is 40 kg now she just turned to 47 kg. I am so nervous till now and im afraid too to buy a pregnancy test see the result. Huhuhuhu, i need help guys 🙁 I dont know what to do

  20. 41

    Is there a possibility to get pregnant for example u mde sex with our partner the day after ur period ends then u both didn’t use any contraception,and u only take pills after 3 days then while taking the pill everyday u missed 1 tblet but at the next day u take 2 tblet then at the other week u missed again…is there a possibility to get pregnant?bcos until now my period haven’t come my last period was last march 24 2018

  21. 42
  22. 43

    I took my last depro prevera injection Feb 11th 2018 to date I hve not seen my period my mouth is tasteless n i hve no appetite.n my breast r heavy i saw a white clear liquid coming from my nipples can i be pregnant???

  23. 44

    I took a clear blue pregnancy test and it said pregnant so I’m assuming I am. How accurate are the store pregnancy test? By the way I’ve had side effects that would make me believe so and the most obvious, a missed period.

  24. 45

    Last may 21 we had an unprotected sex, but after 5 days my period came for the month of may..now i feel my belly pain, always tired and sleepy, and im still waiting for my period to come..could i be pregnant?

  25. 46

    Hai my last period was on 14 September 2018 on October I didn’t have my period up until now I did pregnant test it come negative bt what I notice I gained some weight and my belly become bigger now I real don’t knw what happen

    • 47


      It is better to consult a doctor. And you can also make HCG blood test to find out whether you are pregnant or not.
      Good luck!

  26. 48
  27. 50

    My last period was on the 5th of january and on 6 january i had sex is it possible that im pregnant ,but I already done the test and it nagative. But I see the changes in my body.

    • 51

      Conception of a child depends on many factors, that’s why it’s almost impossible to tell about your case without knowing everything about your body.
      Still, it is too early for a pregnancy test. Wait for the next menstruation, if there is a delay, repeat the test.
      Good luck!

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  30. 54

    My wife pregnancy is two months old is it necessary to have sex with her or avoid her completely till she delivers please advise me

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