10 Best Engagement Gifts For Couples Already Living Together

10 Best Engagement Gifts For Couples Already Living Together. Man Giving Gift To Woman

Having a hard time choosing the perfect engagement gifts for couples living together? Get unique ideas on what to give for an engagement present in this article!

Engagement gifts for couples living together are gifts to help them upgrade their homes and give them some good time. This is because most items in the home of the newly engaged couple may be stuff they both got from back in college. The couple may have everything or not, but this is an opportunity for them to get all those items they always wanted.

The engagement gift ideas in this article are not only for the couple but some to encourage bonding if they have kids already. There are so many unique engagement gifts for couples to choose from, including the bridal box any bride would die to have!

 Bridal Subscription Box

Give a bridal subscription box as a gift to the bride-to-be in preparation for the wedding and even after. Check out ideal bridal subscription boxes on misstomrs.com for as low as $29.99. This is ideal for even a couple that has everything. They contain trendy items like vow books, 18K gold-plated necklace & stud earrings, ring dish, silky smooth floral kimono robe, dancing flats, photo booth props, couture set of hairpins, honeymoon passport cover & luggage tag set and other materials for the bride’s pleasure.

 Engagement Photo Album

An engagement photo gift will keep you in the hearts of the couple for years to come. Put it in a gift box and present to the couple. You can DIY the gift box or check for gift box ideas on Pinterest.

10 Best Engagement Gifts For Couples Already Living Together. Wedding album

 Ping Pong Game Set

It encourages family time for the newly engaged couple and their kids if they have any. Couples can also have some alone time to play ping pong and building s great relationship. This is an inclusive and fun sport that any couple would love.

 Romantic/Family Getaway

We all have that one friend that we can go the extra mile for.  Booking all-expense paid weekend getaways are good engagement gifts for friends. If they are without children, send them on a romantic trip for just the two of them. If they are with children, make it a family bonding time for them away from home. They might be looking forward to taking some time off. Make it a dream place they’ve always wanted to go.

5 Dinnerware Set

Meals can get a lot better with a set of dinnerware. They are unique engagement gifts for couples as they give the dining area a new look. Try out Gibson Home Every day Square 12-Piece Dinnerware sold. This set had deep bowls, varying sizes of flatware and saucers to fulfill the couple’s needs.

Gibson Home Every day Square 12-Piece Dinnerware. Gibson Home Every day Square 12-Piece Dinnerware

6 Kitchen Knife Set

For small engagement gift ideas, think of a kitchen knife set. No couple who loves to cook will pass on the offer of a kitchen knife set. Revamp their kitchen by gifting them a set for their engagement. There can never be too many of them.

7 Go Pro

Easy to navigate, kid-friendly, long lasting batteries, portable and water-resistant, a go pro gift is unique! This is a worthy companion for family gatherings, christenings, trips, and random fun pictures. Although not cheap, the memories a go pro saves are priceless.

8 Gift Box

Surprise the couple by delivering a gift box filled with goodies. Check out gift box ideas on Pinterest for DIY, or get affordable ones online. Depending on your closeness to the couple, you could make every day of the week a fun for them. Fill the gift box with movie tickets for two, a romantic dinner date booking, a spa session, and any other thing you think up. But do not forget to add a complimentary bottle of wine!

10 Best Engagement Gifts For Couples Already Living Together. gifts

9 Cookware

Change the cookware in the couple’s kitchen with a new and updated set. For couples who love to cook, there’s no greater pride and comfort than knowing your cookware is as great as your cooking. When shopping for this gift, go for not only affordability and beauty but durability too.

 Bed Time Kit

Get the newly engaged couple bedtime kits for cozy rests at bedtime. They include personalized blankets, bed sheets, pillowcases, and even sleep masks. They become funny engagement gifts when you throw in pairs of his and her bedside pair of slippers and matching robes.

This article contains 10 of the most unique engagement gifts for couples living together. The best part of it is that they will all leave indelible marks in the memory of the newly engaged couple. We also know that there can never be too much of the gift ideas mentioned above. So, if you have been in a dilemma of what gift to get for a couple already living together, this is your ideal list. Even if they have kids!

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