10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All)

10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All). 10-best-gifts-for-moms-who-sew

Buying a gift is always a confusing task. Be it for a man or a woman! But when you know a little something about the person, the undertaking gets a lot easier. In this case, if you’re dealing with a sewing enthusiast, here are the 10 best gifts for moms who sew.

Some gifts are easy on the wallet. While there are a few that require more spending! So depending on your budget, you can pick any one of the 10 best gifts for moms who sew. Time to get started then!

10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew


10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All). best-serger-for-beginners

Allow me to begin with one of the most exciting gifts for sewing lovers. It’s the best serger for beginners. Sewing tools are simply perfect when it comes to tackling any type of project. So there’s no chance this person you’re gifting the machine to will not go bonkers. Out of sheer joy!

After all, a serger is among the top gifts for sewers and quilters. And that’s because the machine allows you to perform both basic and advanced sewing functions. The unit is equipped with technology and features that every sewing enthusiast is bound to appreciate.

So don’t think twice. My advice to you; don’t even take the trouble of getting to know as many as 10 best gifts for moms who sew. This one definitely beats the rest. But it does cost more than the others. Especially if you’re planning on buying a machine that exudes high quality and functionality.


10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All). gifts-for-sewing-lovers

Imagine how happy she will be if you bring a huge stack of materials. Like bright summertime fabrics! But you might not know what prints to choose. Or what prints the person prefers, right? So instead, here’s what you can do. Find out about gift certificates. So she’s free to purchase fabrics of her own choice.

 Sewing Tools (acrylic ruler, measuring tape, or sewing gauge)

If you’re not so inclined toward buying unusual sewing gifts, why not stick to the basics!

In fact, take a look at the existing sewing tools she has in her equipment box. Are some of them bent, frayed, cracked, or chipped? In that case, who wouldn’t like to get a free replacement!

  • Acrylic Ruler: It’s a multi-functional measuring tool. You can opt for a French curve for sewists who prefer drafting their own designs. As for the special-shaped rulers, they are very useful for quilters who cut specific patchwork shapes. Like hexagons, wedges, or triangles.
  • Measuring Tape: This is an indispensable tool. That you can use for other purposes too. Measure tapes are available in different colors, widths, and lengths. And one can have as many as she likes.
  • Sewing Gauge: Near the sewing box, sewing machine, and ironing board. These are the places where you can keep the gauge in handy. Once again, it’s not so unusual to have more than just one sewing gauge.

 Rotary Cutter

10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All). sewing-gift-ideas-for-mom

You should know that sewing without a rotary cutter is quite a challenging experience. So why not make it easy for her!

Rotary cutters are also indispensable when it comes to cutting fabric. Particularly when dealing with quilts!

Normally, such a cutter is packed with a mat and replacement blades. It’s the whole package for any sewing enthusiast.

5 Specialty Scissors

There are three types of specialty scissors.

  • Dressmaker sheers that are perfect for cutting fabric.
  • Embroidery scissors created for clipping and snipping.
  • Knife edge scissors designed for completing applique projects. Or when working near the edges.

6 Mini Iron

10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All). gifts-for-sewers

Appearances can be deceptive. The iron is surely mini-sized. But you have no idea what it can do.

An iron is one of the most useful gifts for sewers. And a mini version, even better!

7 Flowerhead Pins and Pin Cushion

How about getting a bright, colorful set of flowerhead pins? The ones that don’t, for the most part, melt. These pins lie flat against acrylic rulers.

And if you’re really thinking of buying such pins, don’t forget to get a magnetic cushion for them. You have no idea how much a sewist values a magnetic cushion for pins. Since she is always clumsy about pins when busy with a project!

8 Wonder Clips

10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All). gifts-sewing-enthusiast

But what if she doesn’t use pins for holding fabric together? Then what do you buy?

How about wonder clips? For quilters, wonder clips are simply perfect when dealing with binding.

9 Threads

10 Best Gifts for Moms Who Sew (#1 is the Best of All). best-gifts-for-moms-who-sew

If there’s one thing this sewing enthusiast more likely takes for granted, it’s the thread. Ironically, this basic item is what holds the entire project together. So the idea of gifting a whole pack of brightly colored, high-quality threads is quite a practical one.

And here’s the best part. You can choose all her favorite colors.

 Specialty Feet

You know what’s a real and incomparable treat for a person who sews? Specialty feet! To be more specific, walking foot and/or edge stitch foot.

Sewing machine companies have such invaluable additional accessories available. So why not gift something that she’ll actually love and use! For most of her sewing projects!

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So now you have as many as 10 different gift ideas for the mom sewing enthusiast. You can pick any one. Based on how much you’re willing to spend. Nearly all the products are cheap in terms of price. Except for the serger, which costs a little more than you might expect.

If you have any more such ideas to share, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. The more options we have, the less time-consuming and mind-boggling it is to choose a gift.

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