11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys

With so many cute haircuts for little boys, it can be tough for moms to pick just one cut and hairstyle for their kids. In fact, there are few things cuter than a toddler or little boy sporting an adorable hairstyle. Just take a look at these fashionable boys haircuts to find the best style for your kid.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys

 Classic Side Swept Hairstyle

This is a classic cut that’s not only simple but quite versatile. Usually kept at a medium length, this classic hairstyle is swept towards one side with a distinctive part. The side sweep is great for just about any occasion, whether it’s a day in church or a fun playdate in the park. It’s a sleek look that is also very easy to maintain and style, so it’s no wonder that it’s a go-to hairstyle for busy moms.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. 1 Classic Side Swept Hairstyle

 Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is certainly a cool kids style that will turn heads, and even more so on a toddler. The sides are kept sleek and short, while the middle area is cut at around two to three inches in length or longer. This part is then swept up to form pointy spikes, which makes up the main characteristic of this trendy cut. Of course, hair gel and the like is required to achieve this look, but it’s worth the extra trouble when the result is your little man looking like a real rockstar. Overall, the faux hawk is one of the most popular boys haircuts in barbershops today.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Faux Hawk

 Layered Hairstyle

A layered haircut is another easy but very chic haircut that effortlessly elevates the look of little boys. The great thing about this style is that it works best on wavy hair, which is great for those kids with hair that’s neither straight nor curly, but just somewhere in between. Hair is kept at the desired length nearer to the nape of the neck, while a shorter layer is then added on top for a more textured and very polished look that is both modern and classic.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Layered Hairstyle

 Undercut Hairstyles

No doubt, the undercut is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles today, and it’s quickly becoming a top haircut for little boys. The undercut features a very short cut on the sides and kept at an even length. For added character and even more texture, the top can also be trimmed in layers. It’s definitely guaranteed to increase your little guy’s handsome factor by several points!

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Undercut Hairstyles

5 Messy Medium-Length Hair

Little boys have enviably lush and beautiful natural hair, so it’s a real shame not to take advantage of that. A medium-length haircut is really a great way to leverage such an asset. For an even more trendy take, it can also be kept stylishly messy, which gives it a more effortless effect. It is not at all surprising that, as far as haircuts for little boys go, this is trending strongly these days. It’s also very chic, so you’ll definitely find that you have a handsome, young heartbreaker on your hands.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Messy Medium-Length Hair

6 Comb Over Haircut

Not to be mistaken for the classic side part, the comb over fade is just as fashionable and stylish for the little ones. It’s also a real head-turner, so your little guy will be receiving more than his fair share of admiration. Normally, this entails a short fade on the sides with a longer fringe on top that is then combed over to one side. The difference is there is no noticeable part, so it’s really a more modern take on a classic style.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Comb Over Haircut

7 Shaved Sides

As the name suggests, the shaved sides hairstyle obviously features telltale shaved or faded on the sides that are kept very close to the skin. The top is often kept long as well, so this is perfect for little boys with soft, thin hair as this is easier to keep flat and sleek. However, this would also work on thicker hair, though it may require the use of styling products. Either way, the result is a modern look that’s both sophisticated and edgy at the same time.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Shaved Sides

8 Long Top Haircut

Keeping the sides short with a long top gives moms a great amount of versatility when it comes to styling their little boys’ hair. When styled right, the long top haircut could result in an edgy and very modern look that’s both cool and cute on a pint-sized man.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Long Top Haircut

9 Spiky Hair

There’s no other way to say this—spiky hair simply makes any little boy look super cool. This features the telltale long spikes on top which can then be flipped in front with the help of some styling gel or similar for hold. To make it really stand out, the sides and the back are kept very short, possibly even with skin fade. Thankfully, it’s not actually as high-maintenance as it looks. Parents can definitely have some fun with this one.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Spiky Hair

 Short Crew Cut

The crew cut is the hairstyle of choice for the military, and for good reason. It works just as well on the little ones since it leaves a clean-cut finish. The crew cut is easy to ask for at the barbershop, simple to style, and low-maintenance to keep. All this makes the crew cut haircut a popular choice for kids and moms alike.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Short Crew Cut

 Side Part Haircut

The classic side part is the ultimate gentleman’s haircut. Basically, the hair is parted on the side with the part left distinctly noticeable. For a more modern twist, it is best paired with a skin fade, or at least, a close shave. As a result, you get a clean-cut and handsome young fella in your hands.

11 Cutest Haircuts for Little Boys. Side Part

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