13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Feelings, Fetus Development

The 13th week of pregnancy means that the first trimester (3rd month of pregnancy) with its fears, anxieties, first screening, and registration has gone. Being 13-week pregnant woman has time for pleasant thoughts, dreams about the future, and buying clothes for the baby.

But well-being – is not a reason to be completely relaxed, it’s time to prevent edema, constipation, and other unpleasant phenomena.

Your baby is as big – as a NECTARINE


LENGTH -2.3 in – WEIGHT – 0.28 oz

13 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Fortunately, your hormones begin to “calm down.” The woman notices that mood swings are slowly disappearing, many concerns now seem to be absurd. Nausea has gone, appetite has improved, and frequent urination has finally stopped bothering you.

The uterus is growing, and moving into the abdominal cavity. At this stage the internal organs are shifted; which can cause dyspnea and heartburn. You may feel heaviness in the limbs after long walks, fatigue will be stronger than usual. Therefore, walk slowly and have plenty of rest.

Hypertonic uterus – is a feeling of tension in the uterus. As soon as there is a feeling of “petrification” in the belly, lie down, eliminate stress and visit your doctor if it periodically bothers you.


The breast is still sensitive and can grow in size. To get rid of the feeling of “tightness”, you have to change your usual underwear, because it becomes tight. Colostrum (discharge from the nipples) may appear at the 13th week of pregnancy. It’s not dangerous, it is normal.

Pigmentation on the face and body may appear: light brown spots on the face, darkening of the nipple-areola, darkening of the strip from the navel to the pubis. This is caused by hormonal changes, after childbirth, these exterior accents will disappear.

It’s time to buy pants with an elastic belt for your tummy, they will bring you great pleasure.


13 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

If the screening analysis is over, and you have already taken the basic tests, you will be assigned just to take a urinalysis.

Usually, pregnant women are sent to a venereologist for a swab at the 12th week of pregnancy, but sometimes it may be a week later. It is safe and unpainful. This examination will reveal the condition of the vaginal flora and the presence of genitourinary diseases.

Fetus on the Thirteenth Week of Pregnancy

Your baby is growing by the hour. We can say that his size reminds a nectarine.

Just imagine, the baby already has the rudiments of teeth, it remains only to wait for the moment when they start to appear. The pancreas of the child has “learned” to produce the first insulin. The body also begins to grow rapidly, and soon the head won’t be so big. The small size of a fetus lets his movements be almost uninterrupted. It is necessary for the normal development of the muscles and limbs. The fetus now takes short naps.

At this time, the bone and muscles of the child are being formed. There is progress in the digestive system: there are important villi, which will participate in the processing of food. In the 13th week, the glottis starts to form and the baby’s appearance begins to acquire features.

13 Weeks Belly Pictures

Weight Gain

As soon as morning sickness has faded, you will have a strong desire to eat everything around you. But you must control your diet: otherwise, you will gain extra weight prematurely. And it will lead to all sorts of complications.

Sweets, pastry, salty, fried food – these foods may be eaten in very small quantities. Toxemia is often replaced by heartburn, so it is important to keep to a healthy diet.

Bread with bran, cheese, fruits and vegetables, grains, and lean meat – are the first foods to be put in your shopping basket.

Mood and Pregnancy go Hand in Hand

At this stage, it becomes difficult for some women to hide their pregnancies. The belly may still be unnoticeable, but a change of clothes and flat shoes can disclose your secret. But if in the first trimester an expectant mother was afraid of it because of some superstitions, now this fear has considerably decreased. And there is only a good mood and self-confidence. A woman is completely relaxed.