2 Months Pregnant – Symptoms, Belly, Ultrasound & Infections

2 Month Pregnant

The second month of pregnancy has come. It is possible that a future mother hasn’t resigned her mind to her new role just yet. However, she can be by right called “a mother” because by the end of the second month a tiny, but very real human being is living, growing and developing in her womb!

What’s happening to your body?

As a rule, in the second month of pregnancy a woman no longer needs confirmations of her condition – morning sickness, fits of dizziness, demand for salty or sour food and other delights of the “family way” speak for themselves. Hormonal balance of the organism is changing; the uterus starts to grow, the placenta is actively developing. The expectant mother can feel unusually tired and sleepy. The need to go to the toilet for a pee also arises more often, so you have to go to the bathroom almost every half an hour. It can be explained by the fact that the growing uterus presses down on the bladder. Now it is a size of an orange and is situated lower than share bone, so in theory your belly shouldn’t enlarge yet. But that’s only in theory, because due to the changed hormones and your intestines can bloat. As a result the lady is surprised to notice her “grown” abdomen.2 months pregnant food preferences

Apart from the sickness, which has already come in the first month of pregnancy, the future mother can be disturbed by vomiting, constipation, heartburn and increased salivation. Some women begin to eat much, some women, on the contrary, complain about the loss of appetite. Breasts also continue to swell and change. Headaches can appear. But the absence of all these signs by no means tells that you’re not pregnant. Each body reactions are unique and there is no such thing as two absolutely identical pregnancies!

Dangerous infections during pregnancy

Viruses, including flu, are able to freely enter placenta. It can cause irreparable damage to the fetus in the second month of pregnancy. So, during the time of fall and winter epidemics try to protect yourself and your future baby. Avoid crowded places and public transport. If you have to go to work, smear your nostrils with oxolinic ointment before going out of the house. A good folk remedy is garlic-onion oily drops, which every woman can make herself. If the toxicosis allows, drop oily solution of these two plants into your nose every one and a half or two hours. A strong unpleasant smell can be tolerated, but none of the seasonal viruses will survive in an environment full of phytoncides.

If your working place is full of careless colleagues who come to work ill, don’t hesitate to ask your boss for another room – this is the right of any expectant mother according to the law.

The main thing for you is to put yourself in a good mood: to smile a lot, to listen to nice and calm music, to get enough fresh air, to enjoy the nature and communication with your folks. Ideally, you’d better spend the second month of pregnancy not at work, but, of course, at home and have lots of rest.

Tests a 2 months pregnant should take

2 months pregnant visit to a doctorAt the moment, most of the future mothers have already attended a maternity welfare clinic. If you haven’t done this yet, then hurry up and pay a visit to a doctor. At the gynecologist’s your body weight and blood pressure will be taken. The doctor will make an appointment for you to take your blood and urine tested (general analysis, the urine test for sugar and protein, the blood test for AIDS and syphilis), to undergo a checkup by a general practitioner, ENT doctor, oculist and dentist. The gynecologist will take your vaginal smear for microscopic examination.

The other tests will also be needed. The urine test for hCG will show if the pregnancy progress is normal. The blood test for hemostasis will estimate blood coagulability – that will help to take precautions against premature interruption of pregnancy. The doctor will examine your arms and legs for possible swelling and varicose veins.

At the beginning of the second month pregnancy women with blood group O, whose husbands have another blood type, are prescribed an analysis for immunoglobulins. This test will help to prevent possible immunologic havoc. The future mothers who have problems with thyroid gland should pass the examination at endocrinologist during this month.

How is the fetus developing?

Now your baby is safely fastened to the uterus. The placenta is steadily forming – the fate and health of the tiny human being depend on this organ. At the beginning of the second month of pregnancy this human being has a size of about 1.5 mm. By the end of the month the size will reach 12-20 mm. The tissues developed during the first month turn into real internal organs. The new being has a torso, head, arms and legs, and even fingers and ears. The face is forming. The nose, lips, palate and eyes appear. The genitals are taking shape. Boys’ organisms begin to produce testosterone. In the fifth week honor lasts (the rudiments of future spermatozoa or ovules) are formed. So you’re already carrying your future grandchildren.

The endocrine system is formed, various glands appear. The heart is already divided into four chambers, the major and shallow vessels are formed, and the ducts appear in the liver. The neural tube (the rudiment of the future neural system) is shut, the brain becomes larger and more complicated, and arms and legs obtain muscles, so the baby makes its first movements, but for now they’re chaotic. The consumption of folic acid will help to form a healthy neural system of your future child.

The respiratory system is actively developing (nose, mouth, throat and bronchi), the blood starts its circulation, and all the organs of the digestive system are forming.

Cases for calling an ambulance

Call an ambulance or immediately visit maternity welfare center if you’re experiencing nagging pain in the abdomen, excreta from your breasts or genitals, minor greasing excreta, painful urination, high body temperature, pronounced nausea with vomiting more than 2-3 times a day, bleedings. These are the signs of danger or beginning of a miscarriage.

Neutral excreta without color or smell is also worth mentioning at the gynecologist’s.

The beginning of the second month of pregnancy is dangerous for women with hyperandrogenism because in this case the hormonal balance is disrupted and unfavorable for pregnancy. You should consult a doctor if you have excessive body hair, broad shoulders, narrow hips, oily skin of your face or head, pimples.

You should also immediately visit a doctor with any catarrhal disease because such things may affect the development of the placenta and the baby and require preventive measures.

Unpleasant sensations during the second month of pregnancy

  • 2 months pregnant Unpleasant sensationsFrequent urination;
  • Nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation;
  • Constipations;
  • Heartburn, upset stomach, meteorism; acute condition of gastritis;
  • Loss of appetite and eating whims;
  • Swelling of breasts, darkened nipples, sudoriferous glands appeared around the nipples, pronounced net of vessels;
  • Headaches;
  • Fainting and dizziness;
  • Irritability, lack of restraint, tearfulness, anxiety, fear, joy, emotional upheaval;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Skin changes;
  • Swellings.

2 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like in the second month of pregnancy.

2 Months Pregnant Ultrasound

5-6 weeks of gestational age – ultrasound provides a check of your baby’s heartbeat.

6-7 weeks of pregnancy – your baby is called an embryo. You may have an early ultrasound to confirm and date the pregnancy and to evaluate the way his organs go along with pregnancy.

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    I have not seen my periods for 2 months I feel movements in my stomach can this happen in 2 months or is it my imagination?

    • 9

      You usually start feeling baby’s movements when you’re half through your pregnancy, so it’s most likely just your imagination.

      • 10

        That’s both true you can feel movements as early as two weeks. Especially if you’ve been pregnant before. I’m two months pregnant as well and I feel movements and this is my second child so I know what it’s supposed to feel like. Everyone’s body is different and each pregnancy is different.

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      • 12

        Hey I just went to the hospital and they pregnancy tested me and i was. Notified if im in pain in my lower parts not so bad but its uncomfortable and my back and breast hurt is that Normal?

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    Pls I’ve not seen my period for 2months now but already I have a fat tommy ,am not feeling dizzy or almost all the signs only a little heaviness in my breast could this be pregnancy ?

  8. 21
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  10. 25

    I have not seem periods for two months and took pregnancy tests at home twice in the 2nd month , all came negative. And I have no signs of pregnancy but just a little pain in the lower abdomen. Could I still be pregnant?

  11. 28

    Hello.. Am I pregnant? My last period was Oct. 11-14,and we have contact my partner Oct. 31,and then Nov. 19-20 I’ve experience spotting like brownish discharge, it’s different to my normal period. I try pregnancy test and it come to negative result, after few days I try again pregnancy test and it come the other line is clear and the other line is faint. And I experience pain in my back, cramping, nausea and vomiting sometimes and moody sometimes. This week I saw my belly it was different its now bigger.. They say that I am two months pregnant now. I need an advice plzz. Tnx godbless

    • 29
    • 30

      Hello.. Am I pregnant? My last period was Oct 4-14,and we have contact my partner Oct. 31,and then Nov. 19-20 I’ve experience spotting like brownish discharge, it’s different to my normal period. I try pregnancy test and it come to negative result, after few days I try again pregnancy test and it come the other line is clear and the other line is faint. And I experience pain in my back, cramping, nausea and moody sometimes. This week I saw my belly it was different its now bigger.. They say that I am two months pregnant now. I need an advice plzz. Tnx godbless

      • 31

        Yes, faint second line on a test means that it’s positive, and the early signs are there, so I believe you are pregnant. Consult your gynecologist and do an ultrasound to be completely sure.

  12. 32
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  14. 35

    i was using implantation for 3 years and i removed it in May 2017 and took a 3 months injection depo and in July was my following one but i did not take it and im having unprotected sex since than i never got my periods after that but i was getting it even i was still with my implantation and now my boobs got larger my nipples are hurting im eating to my i have gained too much weight and now im feeling something moving in my stomach please assist on this what should i do

  15. 37

    i cant not thank you on how you have been an help to me all this while,may God continue to nurture and protect for us in jesus name Amen.i am three month gone and i have pains in my left-side of womb ,what could be the causes of this pain?

  16. 38

    Hi, am i pregnant? I am now 2months delay and i am experiencing back aches and i am always hungry. I also felt something moving in my abdomen. I already use pregnancy test but the result is negative. I felt like i want to sleep every now and then. Do you thing i’m pregnant?

  17. 40

    hi I tested negative two weeks ago now it’s two months not seeing period..I tested again today it came positive and eating too much..that’s means I’m pregnant?

  18. 42

    I haven’t had my period since Oct 27th. No spotting or anything. I also haven’t had any symptoms at all. I feel completely normal. I have slight cramping once in awhile, but nothing too concerning. I can’t get an appointment until January, so I’m just asking to re assure. Do you think I’m pregnant? If I did conceive it would’ve been from Nov. 5th- 11th. And we used the pull out method. Please help calm my nerves lol

    • 43
      • 44

        I’ve been the same way, I was on depo provera for 3 months and a couple days after the thing ended I had unprotected sex.. I’ve taken two pregnancy tests and they both came back negative. But I haven’t had my period since before I got on the birth control. When im on it it’s normal for me to not have a menstrual cycle but its never been normal for the symptoms to continue. I would have conceived March 15 and i have no symptoms except my hands and feet swelling but that quit a couple weeks ago.

  19. 45

    Hi, I have been very tired lately but I have been only getting about 4-5hours of sleep due to work. Last month I had my period but I also had sex with my spouse twice and bleed during it. Does this mean I’m pregnant?

  20. 47

    Hello , it’s been 2 months now I haven’t had my period last period was November 30th ! I been having all the pregnancy symptoms nausea without vomit , sense of smell & taste , back aches , feet swelling , boobs heavier , excessive Salvation, always tired I could be sitting up and would just want to pass out & sleep I been faint & dizzy & upset stomach but I went to the doctor Jan . 9th they did urine test it said negative but my mind just telling me it’s wrong

  21. 48
  22. 51
  23. 52

    Hello so i got my period last month a day late , and now im 3 days late to my period this month is it because of traveling or can i still be pregnant today should be the 2nd month since ive had any sexual contact. I havent done anything since 2 months ago and I did get my period last month just this month its late? And ive taken like 10 test all negative am I just late on it ?

  24. 54

    Hi.I’ve seen my periods twice on November and I never seen my periods since then and it’s been 2months now.So I took 2 pregnancy tests after this 2months and it was positive. Am I really pregnant??

  25. 56

    Hello.I saw my period October 31 and it came nov 25 which is earlier and dec 21st.but it was brownish discharge on d first day n flowed 2 days n stopped .I urinate frequently,have headache sometimes,nauseous feeling,back pain,breast r so heavy n painful and now my bottom tummy is tight.n always feel a sharp pain on my buttom left side of my tummy n up and down body temperature..had a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago n it’s negative.could I b pregnant?

  26. 58

    Hello my last period was on the 1-4 November in December I had a very bad cramps lasted five days without my period ,I even vomited so now is January I never see my period again am always tired ,dizzy ,back pain and sometimes feel moody .Am I pregnant?

  27. 60

    hi. i have not had my period since dec. i have tried pregnancy test and came positive, how many am i pregnant and how many weeks now?

  28. 62
  29. 63
  30. 65

    Hi, I’ve been on Birth Control for almost a year. On Dec 13 (anniversary lol) I had sex with my partner and i got my period in Jan and just ended my period this month but I felt very nauseous for the past couple days. I don’t think I have any other symptoms but what do you think? That I’m just paranoid about having had sex that day or that theres a probability

  31. 67

    I missed my period last november 2017 but on december 3 i had contact with my husband. Last December 5 i had a blood spot which i thought it was my menstrual period but that was just a few drops of blood and it did not last but instead it was just an overnight spot. until now, I have not menstruated. I had my urine test thru PT kit last jan. 15, 2018 and february 2, 2018 and the result was negative. is there a possibility that i am pregnant. i am already 42 years old and we are 7 years married. i had PCOS before but i last year ir was already clear. i don’t want to expect more because i had trauma before on my miscarriage last 2014. i am scared to see a gyne because i dont want to be disgusted.

    • 68

      Unfortunately, your situation is quite complicated. The spotting you’ve described is most probably the implantation bleeding, but since all the tests are negative, it’s hard to tell if you’re indeed pregnant or there is some other problem. I think that you’ll have to see a gynecologist eventually, in spite of your fears. Only a doctor can help to detect what’s wrong with you.

  32. 69

    hello , im pregnant for 1 month and two weeks now . and sometimes i feel pain in my lower abdomen .. and im so worry now , cause im always thinking that my baby is not growing normal .

    • 70
  33. 71

    Hello! I am I pregnant ? I saw my periods twice but since my breasts are killing me so heavy n painful n big, I eat a lot and always feeling tired, go to pee often, my hips are painful also my legs cramps sometimes , did a test 3 tester were negative , could I be pregnant?

  34. 73

    I missed my period last 2 months. Sometimes I feel nausea. I’m not feeling hungry anytime but when I feel hungry that times I faced nausea. & No any other symptoms. I have an overian cyst. Am I pregnant?

  35. 75

    Weirdest thing happened to me, so I’m sharing in case someone else went thru it. Tried getting pregnant in Dec 2017, in Jan I had a period. I also required a (non-related) surgery which I was tested for pregnancy thru blood test 3 days prior to surgery and urinary test the day of the surgery being Jan 25. I missed my period in Feb and visited an OBGYN because I had a period mid Feb and black/brown bleeding for almost two weeks. Surprise! They tell me I’ve been pregnant since Dec 2017. My little sneak-a-roo of a baby did not show on a blood test, and two urine exams at the hospital. I’m 8 weeks in and a little worried my baby is alright after all of that…My OBGYN says the heart beat is excellent and everything looks good. Hmm How does this happen??!

  36. 76

    Im 2 months delay now. Turning 3 months in 3rd week of march.
    from january – feb i feel vomiting,bloated, sensitive smell, always tire and sleepy and shortnes of breath. And in march 1 vomiting only and now i can’t feel any symptoms. What’s wrong i’m i pregnant?

    • 77
      • 78
      • 79

        Why the sypmtoms stop b4 3months delay? Huhuhu im crying every night and im hoping that my baby is ok huhu and im hoping na im positive pregnant. I want to have a baby na

  37. 80

    I had unprotected sex last three months…. I took an oral contraceptive 24hrs later… I had my period late last month and this month is not coming and I have not had sex for two months now…… I feel movement in my left lower abdomen… Have than 2urine pregnancy test and 4serum pregnancy test and their all negative…. Can I be pregnant

  38. 82

    I had my period last January ,But it’s been 2 months that I don’t have a period after that,I did PT last February and early this March but it was negative,I am 43 years old and have 3 children ,and I have regular period but I feel strange I had lower back pain and cramps on my tummy,i did workouts and still not losing weight,is there a possibility that I’m pregnant?i am sexually active and me and my husband don’t use any protection

  39. 84

    Hello on jan 12 I spotting to 16 of January and after then I heard a spot again on 24 of January again so I did home test shows positive but faint line and went to hospital to do the blood test positive also no pregnancy sign did ultrasound nothing was showing and after then I redo the urine test it shows negative am so worried and have not see my menstration please some should me

  40. 86

    Hi am i pregnant? My last period was january 13 2018, 1months and 1 weeks late period i had sex with my partner after my period,my tummy bloated and hard i have some symtomps of pregnancy planning to consult a doctor

  41. 88

    My period was late for six days in January, and came early by 11 days last month and dis month again,it came early by 6 days….do u think I could be pregnant?

  42. 90

    Hi,im two months delayed now. My last period was January 29..i tried to have a pt 5 times and came all negative… I don’t experience any symptoms except that my head are always aching but I suspected it as a migraine coz I’m experiencing it long time ago… Do you think I’m pregnant?

  43. 92

    Hi I dont know if Im pregnant, Im 2 months delayed, I tried to use Pregnancy Test the result is positive but I never experience the symptoms of being pregnant,I loss my appetite and my belly is not changing. Its to small for 2 months pregnant, didn’t see differences. Do you think Im pregnant? Thanks. God bless you.

  44. 94

    Hi im delayed for two months and i sometimes vomit and fategue this sign im pregnant?i not try to use pregnancy test….

  45. 96

    I have my period last month it last for three day instead of five days dis month is last for five day but nt normal and every morning I feel weak and always spiting and always feeling headache Alway feel vomiting and it will nt cum. And feel pain in my belly and some strange movement and I use test tube and it negative since one month now pls what is going on

    • 97

      Hello! Unfortunately it’s not possible to tell what’s wrong with you without a medical exam. Turn to a doctor!

  46. 98

    I’ve mused my period over two months but went for two blood text all negative I have tender breast my nipples looks darker and my viginal and my Libia is looking a bit purple am i pregnant pls I need help.

    • 99
    • 100

      i have contact with my ex boyfriend last march 1 and on march 5 im take a lady pill after 2 weeks im take a pregnancy test and its negative and on the 4 week im taking a pregnancy test and its negative again on march 28 i have may period


  47. 101

    Hello. My period have delayed for 2 months now. I already did several upt test but all the result were negative plus i have an irregylar periods too. I dont feel any symptoms of pregnancy. Beside my husband said that he never ejacuating inside of me. Can I be pregnant??

  48. 103

    I had partial hysterectomy and I had sex on April 17 was the last time and had the vomiting,pain back,couldn’t eat,couldn’t stand smells,acid reflux,now Seems like something moving on the part of my stomach I also have the swollen

  49. 104

    Hi I’m 47 and had my tubes tied since my last child was born 2002.I started having intercourse about 3 months now. Since then I’ve missed my cycle going to 3 months now I’ve been feeling too tired very sleepy eating more my nipples have been itching and have been having some cramps and back ache too.This week im seeing a bumpy belly now. My clothes are starting to fit tight could I be pregnant?

    • 105

      Hi Betty,
      Your symptoms may indeed indicate pregnancy. At the same time, such symptoms may speak about something else. Buy a pregnancy test at the nearest pharmacy or make a HCG blood test to detect whether the conception has occured.

  50. 106

    I have a girlfriend and after having not actually sex,she have menstruation at July 31 and her 2nd menstruation is august 30 and she sometimes having an acid digestion. Do you think she’s pregnant?

    • 107

      To find about whether your girlfiend is pregnant it is better to take a home pregnancy test or HCG blood test. What concerns an acid digestion, it is better to consult a doctor.

  51. 108

    I took 6 pregnancy test they all came back positive went to the er for pain in my lower part of my tummy and they said i wasn’t pregnant idk

  52. 109

    Hi ,about 3 months ago ( July) I had contact with my partner without protection , but he withdrew . Since then my period has changed . In July my period ,took about 2 to 3 weeks ( the first week it was just tiny drops and a pad wouldn’t even fill up) on the last 2 days i then got a heavy period . In August I had a normal period without any issues and lasted for about 4 full days . I thought I was okay when in And September and August my period seems to just be tiny drops . And I’ll have 1 day of a full period. . I have noticed big blood clots that I haven’t experienced before . Could I have been pregnant and miscarried without knowing ? I do not have any pregnancy symptoms expect for the change in my period . Could this be cancer even or an infection ?

    • 110

      Hi Sabi,
      Period may change due to different reasons. But whatever it is, you need to consult a doctor. Only then you will get the righ answer to your question. Do not wait, make an appointment now.
      Take care!

  53. 111
    • 112

      Hi Delphine,
      During pregnancy you need to be attentive to every sensation you feel. Thus, it is better to consult aa doctor to find out the reason of your problem.

  54. 113

    Hi! I have a question I have miss my period for two months now I have experience all the pregnancy symptoms including vomiting and constantly back pain and some movement on the left side of my stomach now my boobs are getting bigger I just want to know do u think I’m pregnant? My fiancé really dying to know. Thank you may God bless you

    • 114

      I would advise you to get a pregnancy test or to go to the doctor and take HCG blood test. The result will show whether you are pregnant or not.
      Good luck!

  55. 115

    my last periods were on 13 sep and on act i dnt have my periods and feelng some of the signs of pregnncy i had many pregnency tests at home all came nagetive yesterdy two lines apeared on strip one was dark and one was very light . i visit to clinic and had a test again they said i m not prrgnnt they didnt do my blood tests im really confused and scared i want to use any medcn till my confussion ends. plz guide me m i pregnent or not is there any chance of prenncy?

    • 116

      Hi Safina,
      You may go to another doctor again to make HCG blood test or an ultrasound. The result will show you whether you are pregnant or not.

  56. 117

    Hi, I have not had my period since mid Sept. My boobs are swore and heavy Im very tried I have taken 2 HPT when I was 6 weeks late and it came up Neg. , camps on my left side and go to the bathroom a lot . I have 4 kids but this is nothing like the rest please help me I’m scared I could have something and if pregt I don’t really feel like I am

  57. 119

    Hi i missed my periods on Sept but in Oct i got into period again But now i felt Every sign of pregnancy that i knw i wan to know that my pregnancy is still on.

  58. 121
    • 122


      It doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, but to make sure that everything is fine, it is better to consult your doctor.

  59. 123
    • 124

      Hi Trenesheia,
      Every body is unique and everything is very individual, that’s why feelings and sensations during pregnancy may differ. Still, if you are worried, consult your doctor.
      Good luck!

  60. 125

    Hi, For the last 2 months I haven’t been having normal period .. I spot and that’s not normal for me. I need nauseated a lot… I been emotional… Moody. Can I be pregnant?

  61. 127

    Hi I missed my period 74 days. Did three urine tests and an ultrasound and it came out negative. I have symptoms similar to pregnancy. Idk what’s wrong with me. What could be the reason I’m not having period. Help please I’m really stressed.

    • 128

      Hello Teresaia,

      You can also take a HCG blood pregnancy test to exclude pregnancy from the reasons of your period absence.
      Also, please, consult a good gynecologyst and pass all the test the doctor will appoint. Only a doctor can help you find out what is going on with your body.
      Good luck!

  62. 129

    Im 35 yrs old Since my fallopian ligation last 2005 im confuse my normal period last dec 2018 january 5 only at night have period im waiting to get next day but not show feb 24 due to my work i spotted slight bleed the next 2 days its gone
    I tried pt it show shadow straight line and negative sign until now my period not show
    I am pregnant? Pls im badly confuse

  63. 131

    Since i have regular period while i do fallopian ligation since 2005 can possible to be pregnant ?my period now its not normal last January Im waiting my period in the morning because i have bleed that night got but no menstruation happen i spotted feb 24 due to my work tired streess on my exam i spotted that same day at night the bleed goes 1 day 2nd day brown color discharge then stop feb 28 i make ob check up but in ultrasound not seen but my dr. Prescribe folic acid

    But i am confuse ? It is possible that iam pregnant?

  64. 132

    Hi, I didnt get my period until now. My last period was on March 12, and I had sex on March 1, so it’s 2 months already. I have a bad stomach, I took pregnancy test on April they were all 3 negative and also on May I got 5 negative. I dont know if im pregnant, or is it a PCOS or an ovarian cyst or is it just an acid reflux?

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