21 Weeks Pregnant Feelings, Ultrasound, Baby Development

The fifth month of pregnancy has nearly come to an end. There are a bit more than four months left until you see your baby, and you need to prepare for such an important event, and even to visit special classes.

By the 21st week of pregnancy, you have gained about 4 kg of weight, and now you are going to gain more and faster. An expectant mother looks fine and feels good: her skin, hair, and nails are in a perfect state.

Your baby is as big – As a GRAPEFRUIT


LENGTH – 6.60 in – WEIGHT- 10.69 oz


This is the time when a pregnant woman “flourishes”: there is no increased weight gain, and her shapes are wonderful. She has high, big breasts and a nice small belly. Her skin and hair look great too.

The only caveat – is dark spots. But not all pregnant women have such specific changes, so do not worry. And they are not always visible to others. During this time an expectant mother wants to be notable, bright, and she will definitely find a way to hide these unattractive little spots.

What is Happening Inside of You?

Pregnancy is in full swing. There is no fatigue, which is caused by an increased load on your back and pelvis, no shortness of breath, and no insomnia. However, even during this favorable time, a woman may feel some discomfort. But this is not due to the real state of things, but due to excessive sensitivity.

You can feel pain in the back at this stage, but if you stop sitting in one position for a long time this problem will recede. Learn to relax and listen to your body. The same refers to your sleep. The most correct and comfortable posture – is to sleep on your right side. Just calm down and get ready for a deep sleep in an aired, darkroom.

The uterus is already at a distance of 1 cm above the navel, it compresses the internal organs. But it shouldn’t cause serious problems. Your kid pushes, and even you can determine what part of the abdomen he occupies.


21 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

Special tests, examinations, and ultrasounds are not performed at this stage. The second planned ultrasound is done together with blood tests and a urinalysis.

If something is bothering you, the doctor will send you for an individual examination.

Fetus on the Twenty-First Week of Pregnancy

At this stage baby’s digestive system is being developed actively. Your baby swallows the amniotic fluid: thus your little baby trains not only his lungs but also the esophagus. An expectant mother may now form the correct taste preferences of the baby.

The endocrine glands of your baby are already working and the spleen is going to help them. Your baby can be very active at night, to help him fall asleep, you can just gently pat your belly and even sing a lullaby. Babies already respond to the mother’s voice and her mood.

Maternal Love

A woman feels like a mom because she feels her baby. Remember that it is time to start the process of education: you can start talking to your baby. Be sure to gently and quietly treat your growing baby – the baby feels everything.

For the first time, a future mother can have some difficulties with sexual life. You have to adapt to your new shapes. Do not despair, do not give up intimacy with your husband (if you feel no pain in the abdomen and your doctor permits). Patience and attention can help you overcome this delicate matter.

21 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the twenty-first week of pregnancy.

What to Eat? Make up a Schedule

It becomes more difficult to control your appetite. But now you cannot give yourself any indulgences: an extra pie and a glass of soda, and the process of rapid weight gain will be activated.

If you become accustomed to a particular routine, you will be able to easily keep yourself in great shape up to birth. To do this, you just need to have the following scheme: a good hearty breakfast + a light brunch + a nutritious lunch with not very big portions+ a healthy afternoon snack + a light dinner.