4 Ways To Stay Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant

4 Ways To Stay Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant. a pregnant woman

It’s safe to say that pregnancy is both one of your life’s best and worst moments. The joy, excitement and pure unadulterated love you feel as your baby grows inside you is unlike any other experience imaginable. However, alongside this are the constant aches, pains, swellings, and hormonal fluctuations that can at times feel unbearable. There’s no doubt it’s all worth it in the end, but that’s not the say there aren’t moments when you despair!

Facing Change With a Smile

There are some changes that pregnancy brings that are well documented. Everyone anticipates a bump and that striking moment when they can no longer see their toes, along with the perennially joked about food cravings. There are other less visible changes, however, which can lead to long periods of simply feeling down. Without warning, this can lead you to start feeling uncomfortable and downbeat with your body and the way you look. To help lift you up when you start to feel this way, here are four surefire ways to get you feeling amazing again.

Change Up Your Hair

For all of the strange effects that pregnancy can have on the body, one of the best outcomes is the luscious new life it can bring to our hair. As the amount of estrogen and androgen in our bodies soars, our hair begins to look healthier and shinier in response. For many women, this offers an excellent opportunity to take the plunge and head to the salon for a new style or trim. In the past there have been rumors abound about the potential dangers of bleaching your hair while pregnant, but these have time and again been proven untrue. So, if you feel like getting some subtle new highlights or finding the inner blonde in you, go for it! Just be sure to take the appropriate bleached hair care steps afterwards in order to preserve that gorgeous pregnancy sheen!

4 Ways To Stay Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant. a pretty pregnant woman

Splash Out On Maternity Wear

Pregnant women tend to have a habit of refusing to accept the need for maternity wear. Whether it’s because of the shape, the expense, or the insistence that yoga pants do count as trousers, all too many expectant mothers simply see buying maternity clothing as a waste. For anyone who has experienced the dismal choice of an XL t-shirt or XXL t-shirt to wear, however, will know that this is a mistake. Maternity clothes are cut in a way that not only make you more comfortable moving around, but which can actually make you feel good about your shape. Start out simple with a blouse and see if you can feel the difference.

Get a Manicure

Similarly to your hair, your nails can experience changes in texture and growth while pregnant due to the sudden rush of new hormones in your body. A great way to both mitigate their growth and help yourself feel great is to get regular manicures and pedicures. Although there have been concerns regarding the safety of manicures for pregnant women, it is generally accepted that your only real cause for concern should be about the sterility of instruments. At any good licensed salon, this shouldn’t be an issue.

4 Ways To Stay Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant. pregnant belly and hands

Have a Spa Day

Nothing soothes the body and mind quite like a day at the spa. There are all kinds of valuable benefits to relaxation while pregnant for both you and your child, which should be reason enough for you to give yourself an afternoon off. What’s more, the combination of back pain and sore, swollen feet, along with acne breakouts and itchy skin are all problems that can be remedied – or at least soothed – by various treatments offered by spas. Swimming, for instance, is an excellent form of exercise that takes some of the strain off your back and knees, while massages and body wraps will feel divine. Remember though to stay away from Jacuzzis and saunas as you can run the risk of overheating.

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