5 Bed Bugs Home Remedies to Solve the Problem for Good

bed bugs home remedies

One your home is facing a bed bug infestation, it can be hard to get rid of it for good. There are many solutions to be bought from stores, all advertising an immediate effect. The problem is that even if they work, these store-bought anti-bed bug solutions only have a temporary impact.

Home remedies for bed bugs can give better results, and they are also a much more affordable alternative. Before throwing away your money on expensive treatments, it’s better to use these remedies instead.

After reading up on the best bed bugs home remedies, we’ve compiled this short list of things you should try when you’re dealing with this issue.bed bugs home remedies - bugs life cycle

The Best 5 Bed Bugs Home Remedies for Long Term Results

header 1 Double Sticky Tape (for Immediate Relief)

While the tape will obviously not eradicate the bed bugs completely, it will neutralize them until you’ve had time to apply the other home remedies in our list.

If you place large strips of double sided tape around your bed’s legs, on all sides, you will trap the bugs and prevent them from biting you. Furthermore, if you’re not very sure if you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation yet, this is a great way of obtaining confirmation.

Check the tape daily and replace it if needed. In the meantime, you can apply the rest of the home remedies for bed bugs as well.

header 2 Lavender

Did you know that the lavender plant gets its name precisely from the Latin verb lavare, which means to wash? From ancient times, people have been using this pleasant-smelling plant to infuse the water they washed their homes with.

It turns out that they were very right to do so: not only do the lavender flowers smell pretty, but they also had powerful anti-bacterial and pest-repellant properties. This means that lavender can also be used as a home remedy for bed bugs.

To use it, dilute a few drops of lavender essential oil into a cup of water and sprinkle it all over your bed and around it. You can also use lavender powder, depending on your preferences. This will make the bed bugs too nauseous to bite you.

As an added bonus, lavender in your sleeping room will also help create a much more relaxed environment, for a better rest.bed bugs home remedies - lavender

header 3 Calamus

Another herb which has extraordinary properties as a home remedy for bed bugs is the calamus, also known as sweet flag.

Mix ¼ cup of powdered calamus with 1 cup of water and put it all in a clean spray bottle. Then, spread the mixture on the mattress, on the pillows, under and around the bed and even on the surrounding walls. Repeat once every two days until your bed bug problem is gone.

header 4 Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can be found in the bath cabinet of most homes, thanks to its numerous practical uses. It turns out that one of them is as a remedy against bed bugs. Not only does alcohol disinfect every surface it touches, but it also creates a hostile environment for the little pests.

The smell of it will drive bed bugs away, and, most importantly, it will kill their dormant eggs hiding in the bed. So, even if you manage to get rid of bed bugs through one of the other home remedies in this list, you should still double up with spraying some alcohol as well.bed bugs home remedies - rubbing alcohol

header 5 Baby powder

The last remedy for bed bugs that you should use it the common baby powder, present in almost every bag of toiletries.

Every powder which contains talc is a natural eradicator of bed bugs, because of its really fine particles. These particles coat the little pests completely, getting stuck in all the nooks and crannies of their exoskeleton. Because of the powder, bed bugs end up suffocating and you will finally be able to enjoy a pest-free bed.

These 5 home remedies for bed bugs should be enough to help you get rid of the problem for good. However, if you still need alternate remedies, don’t forget to check out the MaxHomeRemedies portal from which we got our information. They have tons of other topics covered, as well. Good luck with your bed bug problem!

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