5 Best Changing Pads for Easy Diaper Changes

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Becoming a mother hugely impacts a woman’s outlook on life. When you have a little one to look after, his or her comfort and safety immediately becomes a priority. Believe it or not, equipping your baby arsenal with the best available products and tools is an essential aspect of that. And one indispensable item is the changing pad.

There are quite a few attributes that you should consider when choosing a changing pad for your baby. It should be comfortable enough, yet firm and supportive at the same time. Sanitation is also essential, as is maneuverability. Here is an overview of the five best changing pads on the market to help you decide which option suits your baby’s needs the most.

header 1 Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad

One of the best choices concerning changing pads is the Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad. Its memory foam core is covered with a soft and comfortable material that will soothe your little one and make the diaper changing process a whole lot easier for everyone involved. It comes in 12 fun patterns, such as Blueberry, Gum Drop or Zoo Frenzy, to name but a few.Ah Goo Baby Plush changing pad

It’s thick enough to offer proper support, but also so thin that it can still be rolled up into a portable cylinder and taken everywhere your little one goes. The material is also water-repellant. And to top it all off, celebrity moms such as Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, and Naomi Watts have reportedly used the Ah Goo and loved it.

header 2 Patemm Lula Changing Pad

Although you’d expect a changing pad to be square or rectangular, the Patemm Lula takes the cake as far as innovative design is concerned. The round pad is created by a mom who thought that a circular surface would give parents a lot more space to work with. And she was right. As a bonus, its four nifty handles make it extremely easy to unfold.Patemm Lula Changing Pad

It is manufactured using lead-free oilcloth that is easy to wipe down and sanitize after a particularly nasty session. That might sound a bit uncomfortable, but don’t worry. It also contains polyester for cushioning. It also has a few interior pockets which are useful for storing small necessities, such as a pack of wet wipes and even a few diapers.

header 3 Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Pad

When you talk baby accessories, no one does them better than Skip Hop. Their product comes in the form of an integral station containing an extra-large changing pad, a translucent case for wipes and two handy pockets. The pad comes complete with an innovative cushioned area for the head, and the two pockets can fit up to four diapers, and a few ointments too.Skip Hop Pronto Diaper changing Pad

And if you’re after something one of a kind, the Jonathan Adler For Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Pad version is an excellent choice for all the fashionably elegant mommies out there. It is available in four stunning patterns signed by the coveted interior designer, and it contains all the elements found in the classic model.

header 4 Ju-Ju-Be Changing Pad

Price at only 18 dollars, the Ju-Ju-Be changing pad certainly is the most affordable option on the list. But that doesn’t mean that it sacrifices quality in any way. It is made from Teflon, which means that it doesn’t get stained, and it’s also treated with an antimicrobial substance to prevent any grossness from ensuing.Ju-Ju-Be Changing Pad

Furthermore, when things get too grimy for your liking, you can simply throw it in the washing machine for a deep cleaning. And it comes in two dozen fun colors and patterns, so you will surely find something to suit your baby’s aesthetic.

header 5 Apple & Bee Nappy Mat

If you’re willing to splurge on something that contains top of the line tech, the Apple & Bee Nappy Mat is an extremely groundbreaking alternative. Its first layer is composed of organic cotton, offering care and support to the infant, while the second one is made from revolutionary waterproof-coated denim, which is sanitary and easy to wipe down.Apple & Bee Nappy Mat

Either one of the five alternatives on this list makes a great addition to your baby care routine. Remember that comfort and safety are the two crucial requirements to be met by a quality changing pad. While things like format or pattern are subjective, these other aspects are mandatory.

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    It’s a informative article about changing pads for baby. Here you discusses some different kind of pad model. These are all easy to diaper changes. Moms are happy to seeing this post and hope so now they can easily choose a best one for their baby. Thanks for the sharing such a informative article also helpful.

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