5 Big Reasons Why Children Love Horses

Whether they are stuffed, cartoon, or the real-deal four-legged one – children are naturally attracted to animals. And when it comes to horses and foals – it seems like there is a magical power that attracts the kids to love them. But why horses? It’s clear that the fascinating animals are so big that they are impossible to be kept as pets, especially for city residents. Moreover, horses are an expensive investment that is beyond an average person’s budget.

Nevertheless, the connection between children and horses is undeniable. Simply, take any child to a stable or show them a movie about the “big” animal and they start insisting on having their own. However, are horses good for children? And what are the factors that attract children naturally towards them?

Here, we list some of the top reasons children love horses and why it is good to have a “horse-crazy” kid.

 Horses Are Cute

The long-flowing mane, innocent eyes, and the powerful strides make horses a beautiful sight. This especially goes for the small, miniature horses that children and adults alike adore. The horses and foals are adorable and most children cannot get enough of simply looking at them.

5 Big Reasons Why Children Love Horses. Horse, dog and kids

 Horse Riding Is Fun

Horse riding is a fun way to spend some time outdoors. Nowadays, children are often cooped up inside with their electronics and gadgets. Parents are also stressed and wish their kids would go out and get the required exercise more. Luckily, with horses around, parents don’t have to convince their children to go outside. In fact, the scenario would be the opposite and parents would have a hard time keeping children inside.

 Horses Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Horses are dependent on us for care. Training them, feeding, brushing, and of course – riding require a lot of physical exercise. What’s more, having a horse in your child’s life can enhance their physical wellbeing and keep them active all day.

5 Big Reasons Why Children Love Horses. a girl with a horse

 Horses Make Wonderful Friends

Children can make great bonding with animals. Interacting with a horse while caring and riding them can create a special affection. Including a horse in your child’s life will mean that they will have a special friend who will create a lasting impact on their life.

5 Horse Fascinate

Children’s books and movies are filled with characters riding on horses to fulfill their goals. Children are naturally enthralled by these works of fiction and consider horses and foals an essential part of these fantasies. Even as one gets older, these obsessions grow strong and at one time or other, we all anticipate having a horse to live the life of our dreams.

5 Big Reasons Why Children Love Horses. a boy with a horse

Horses Simply Make Life Better

To sum it up, horses are magnificent creatures. Not only children but also we adults are mesmerized by their beauty and strength. These graceful animals are not just pretty to look at but can prove to be a healthy addition in the lives of both – the children and the adults.

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