5 Chef Knives with Innovative Design

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Ever since cooking was cataloged as an art form, professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike realized the importance of visuals. As a result, manufacturers around the world sensed the market potential and started experimenting with a variety of styles and designs, launching many series of chef knives that excel both in the practical, and looks department. Here are five chef knives with innovative designs.

header 1 Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal Series

The first item which deserves praise for its unique looks is the Zelite Infinity. A wonder of design and craftsmanship, this model will surely attract the attention of guests and make you look like a cooking pro.

Everything about this knife, from the tip of the blade to the handle, screams of quality and high production standards. The blade, which features an elaborate Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern and is made from premium Japanese materials with 67 layers of high carbon stainless steel, hits the sweet spot between aesthetics and practicability. The top military grade G10 black handle, as well as the tapered bolster, provide the user with comfort, stability and, most importantly, safety.

Although it might be a tad too big for everybody’s liking, it more than makes up for this by being lightweight and easy on the joints. As a result, it is no wonder why every Zelite Infinity Alpha review considers this model the perfect choice for people who want a combination between good visuals and efficiency.chef knives - zelite

header 2 Kyocera Innovation Series Ceramic 7” Chef’s Knife

Kyocera, a company that puts a high emphasis on technological innovation and experimental designs, followed this policy by launching a cutlery series with the Ceramic 7” Chef’s Knife as its centerpiece. The company decided to go for an all-black colored knife, which is an interesting design choice that not many manufacturers make.

But the most interesting thing about this model is not the color, but the blade itself. Made out of the highest quality ceramic, it has the potential of staying sharp two times longer than a standard stainless-steel blade. Its quite long blade allows the user to cut sizeable pieces of meat, fish, and poultry into neat, precise slices without damaging their aspect.

The ergonomic handle, which features a soft curve at the bottom, provides the maximum amount of comfort and precision, allowing for a soft, but firm grip that will facilitate cutting on a cutting board. The Kyocera Innovation is sold at around $90, which is quite a bargain considering what it has to offer in terms of looks and features.chef knives - kyocera

header 3 Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Forged Chef’s Knife

Mercer kitchen tools have been the centerpieces in many home kitchens for a while now, and the Culinary Genesis 8-inch model does not deviate from the company’s long tradition of delivering quality products. At just under $30, the 8-Inch Genesis has many design and practical features that you will be surprised to find in a knife priced so low.

Firstly, this model features an ergonomically designed handle made out of Santoprene, a soft material that allows a tight, comfortable, safe grip. Moreover, it is highly resistant to kitchen oils and other residue, so you do not have to be concerned about ruining it during messy kitchen sessions.

The blade is comprised of German stainless steel, with durable hand-polished edges that allow precision cutting. Another interesting design decision is related to the unusually thick bolster – the manufacturers, besides using anti-rust materials to construct it, designed it in such a way that it allows the user to cut in seamless motions without losing control of the knife. All in all, it is a versatile knife that is both efficient, and quite a looker for those who appreciate simple, elegant designs.chef knives - mercer

header 4 Richmond Addict 2

The Richmond Addict 2 has a quite peculiar design that will surely attract the attention of cooking aficionados. It is the biggest chef knife featured on this list, but at 170 grams, it is weirdly enough also one of the lightest. Adding to its interesting design is the 55-millimeter heel which will prevent your knuckles from bashing against the board while cutting. In other words, this knife is perfect if you have big hands.

Furthermore, the Richmond Addict 2 has an unusually thin blade (2.25 millimeters), which makes it ideal for cutting vegetables and fruits into thin, precise slices. However, due to its thinness, it falls short when it comes to other standard kitchen tasks, like disjointing chicken and cutting through large chunks of meat. Because the handle is shaped octagonally, you can use it for hours without feeling the slightest bit of pain, discomfort or fatigue.chef knives - richmond addict

header 5 Miyabi Artisan SG 2

The final entry of this article is dedicated to the Miyabi Artisan SG2, a beautiful knife that combines aesthetics with expert, top quality craftsmanship. Every single piece is hand-honed in Seki, Japan, through traditional Japanese crafting methods. From the first glance, you might have noticed that the Miyabi resembles a katana sword, and for good reason – using this knife feels exactly like handling a katana.

The elaborately detailed blade is built using the Tsuchime method, with three layers of hammered SG2 steel that will prevent any bits of food or material from sticking to it. Complimenting the blade even further are the Damascus-style markings, which will surely catch the attention of any curious guests.  In addition to the masterfully constructed blade, the handle is comprised out of the finest bulbous rosewood pakka wood, which is both comfortable and stable.

Overall, the Miyabi Artisan SG2 is the perfect choice for cooks who like precise, elegant knives with elegant, fine edges and thin profiles. Its high-quality materials, decorations and the fact that it is handcrafted might make you (understandably) think that you would have to pay an astronomical sum to buy it. Fortunately, it is usually priced around $150 – a price which, considering its high production standards, is quite reasonable.chef knives - miyabi


The chef knife is the hallmark of culinary world, an obligatory presence in every restaurant or home kitchen. While some manufacturers focus strictly on the practical aspects, others choose to experiment with their products either by tweaking with the features or using unusual materials. Since looking at the same, bland chef knife can get boring after a while, if you are a fan of aesthetics and elaborate designs, you might want to check out the models presented in this article.

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