5 Easy Hairstyles for Mothers, Using Hair Extensions

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As mothers we tend to neglect ourselves sometimes. Where once we made a salon visit a priority every other week, today we’re setting the bar much lower with being happy if we get to take a shower each day. One of the things that we can start to do in order to regain our sense of self and to reprioritize ourselves is to ensure that the hairstyles we’re opting for are easy, simple and make us feel a bit more like our old pre-kid selves.

Hair extensions offer much more styling versatility for the busy mother on the go. They can add length and volume where perhaps you find yourself lacking. After pregnancy many of us lose hair almost by the handfuls. Adding in extensions can help to restore some of that missing volume, and give us many more options for styling.


The Parent Ponytailponytail hair

Where you once perhaps pulled your hair up into a ponytail for school or a night out with friends, today’s parent on the go will find that the simple classic ponytail is a go-to. According to EH Hair Extensions, hair extensions will allow you to get a fuller and longer ponytail, and can also allow you to add some highlights to your hair if you’re looking to change things up. Simply gather your hair up and sweep it back into a secure ponytail. That’s all there is to it.


The Messy Mum Bun5 Easy Hairstyles for Mothers, Using Hair Extensions

Akin to the classic ponytail, the bun is a great way to make your hair look somewhat glam when all you’ve really done is sweep it up and back into a messy bun. Secure your bun with hairpins and you’ll be all set for running the kids around town or going out with your other half for a much-needed date night. You’ll find that your hair extensions add the length and volume that’ll make your mum bun stand out just a little more.


The French Braid5 Easy Hairstyles for Mothers, Using Hair Extensions

If there’s one style that can look casually fun or formal-ready, it’s the French braid. Whether you’re doing a tight and neat braid for a formal evening, or opting for a loose and flirty braid for running errands, you’ll love the versatility of this style. You’ll especially love how adding extra volume and length through hair extensions can give you the perfect braid for any occasion.


The Half Pony5 Easy Hairstyles for Mothers, Using Hair Extensions

Sweeping up just the top portion of your hair, enhanced with volume-adding extensions, and pulling it back into a ponytail can give you a slightly more put-together look in a flash. You could also opt to French braid the upper portion of your hair, for something a little bit different. This look is a great and quick choice for when you’re in a hurry to get ready.


The Easy Chignon5 Easy Hairstyles for Mothers, Using Hair Extensions

The chignon is one of the best hairstyles that you could consider, as a busy mum on the run. It’s such a versatile hairstyle, and is doubly so when you add in volume and length-enhancing extensions. Keep it formal, keep it fun, keep it flirty. There’s no end to the options that this simple style can offer you.

Priorities yourself and get back to those fun and flirty looks that you rocked before you had children. Hair extensions allow you to enhance your looks and get back to your old self, in almost no time at all.

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