5 Essential Things to Know About Healthy Baby Gut Flora

Having a baby is a beautiful experience and a wonderful time in any woman’s life, but it also is incredibly overwhelming. Regardless of whether it is your first or your tenth, you want to be assured that you are protecting and caring for your baby as much as possible.

With everything there is to think about, there is a good chance that you are overlooking the health of your baby’s gut bacteria. Unfortunately, ensuring your child has the healthiest gut flora possible is essential in maintaining their immune system.

From the best delivery option to the benefits of food and drink by Bulletproof, here are five essential things to know about healthy baby gut flora.

 Healthy gut flora is essential for your baby to be healthy

While all of us are born with a unique arrangement of gut bugs, the thing that remains the same is that having healthy gut flora is essential for any baby to be healthy.

As most of your baby’s immune system resides in their gut, having a healthy gut helps to support their immune system. Additionally, gut microbes assist your baby in absorbing nutrients, as well as impacting their mood and cognitive function.

5 Essential Things to Know About Healthy Baby Gut Flora. mother kissing happy baby

The more gut bugs they have, the healthier they will be. Too little gut flora will make them more prone to illness and infection and may change their mood.

 Many things can affect the quality of your baby’s gut flora

As your baby grows into an adult, their gut bacteria will develop. Unfortunately, that isn’t always a beneficial transformation. Alcohol, sugar, processed food, stress, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides, chlorinated drinking water, and a diet high in starchy carbohydrates can all lead to unhealthy gut flora.

Over time, an imbalance of gut bacteria can thwart your child’s immune system and even lead to food intolerance and infections. Furthermore, obesity, insulin sensitivity, diabetes, autism, anxiety, and depression are all potential results of gut imbalances.

 Your gut health while pregnant can profoundly influence the gut health of your baby

While your baby will possess their unique gut flora, your microbiome will also profoundly influence the starting gut health of your baby. For this reason, it is vital that you work on your gut health before and during being pregnant. Here are four steps you should take:

  • Consume a variety of prebiotic-rich foods: Foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, asparagus, and other starchy vegetables promote healthy bacteria growth and diversification.
  • Take your probiotics: Before you become pregnant, while you are pregnant, and during breastfeeding, you must take a high quality probiotic.
  • Decrease your alcohol consumption: Unfortunately, alcohol kills your gut bacteria, so take steps to decrease your alcohol consumption so that you can keep your gut bacteria strong and diverse.

5 Essential Things to Know About Healthy Baby Gut Flora. alcohol refusal

  • Adopt the Bulletproof Diet: A low-toxin program, the Bulletproof Diet is the best way to rebuild your gut well-being before becoming pregnant. Items such as XCT Oil are crucial for regaining your gut health.

 Healthy gut flora starts with your baby’s delivery

If possible, opt for a vaginal birth, as the trip through the birth canal will expose your baby to vaginal microbes that will aid in benefiting their immune system. This method of delivery will make your child less susceptive to conditions such as asthma and allergies.

However, C-sections are sometimes required for the safety of mom, baby, or both, so obviously, do what is best for you and your newborn.

 5 Don’t neglect gut flora after birth

Once your baby is born, you can’t neglect to promote healthy gut flora. If possible, opt to breastfeed your child as your breast milk holds your child’s first doses of probiotics. If you can’t breastfeed, choose sheep or goat-milk formula as these have greater microbial diversity than cow milk-based ones. Don’t use soy-based formulas as they contain anti-nutrients that decrease mineral absorption.

While you may want to keep your baby indoors, far from the scary outside world, the truth is that your child needs to be exposed to a variety of microbes for them to build a robust immune system. Take him or her outside!

5 Essential Things to Know About Healthy Baby Gut Flora. baby outdoors

What you don’t want to do, however, is feed them a lot of sugar or processed foods. These foods will ruin their gut bugs, just like they do for you! Instead, provide them with a varied diet to ensure a higher range of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Finally, as much as possible, avoid antibiotics, as they hurt your immune system over time.

How are you maintaining a healthy gut? What are your tips and tricks for promoting healthy baby gut flora? Do you take natural supplements? Let us know in the comments below!

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