5 Sources to Turn to When Writing an Essay: Is Breastfeeding in Public Acceptable?

5 Sources to Turn to When Writing an Essay: Is Breastfeeding in Public Acceptable? breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in public is something that has always divided opinion with many women across the world being shaming for it. Whenever a woman feeds her baby in public, there is always going to be someone who will have a problem with it because we live in a sex-obsessed world. 

If one going online and types breastfeeding in public in their search engine, they will see thousands of pages filled with reports and articles of women who have been harassed when they breastfeed their child. They have been forced to cover up, leave the area or go to the bathroom just feed their child and there abuse does not stop there. Social media can be very unforgiving at times but it has put a spotlight on this major issue that many women face today.

Many books out there on this topic tend to say that in the 19th century, public breastfeeding started becoming an issue the moment America sexualized the female breast. Breasts became a symbol of sex, lust, and objectives of men’s desire not something that provides food to babies when they are hungry. 

5 Sources to Turn to When Writing an Essay: Is Breastfeeding in Public Acceptable? breastfeeding women

Even now in 2019, Breasts are attached to sex in many cultures, not just the American culture. Things like billboards and adverts can freely show women baring their chests out while new mum is criticized. Men gash over the sight of breasts and women (not all) see it as a sign of how much they are desired or worth

Source to Turn to When Writing an Essay on Breastfeeding

Knowledge is something that is very important when writing a good essay on breastfeeding. All a student has to do is look for sources of information that are very reliable. Professional essay writers from CustomWritings writing company outline the following sources:

 The Worldwide Web AKA the Internet

The internet is the best place to find any information one needs regarding breastfeeding because there are so many reliable sites however, there is one website many colleges and universities do not trust. This website is called Wikipedia and it is the go-to website for students who are too lazy to do proper research. 


There are a few books that a student can turn to when they are looking for information on breastfeeding. Before starting an essay,  a student has to know all the books they need and have them ready by their side to save time.

5 Sources to Turn to When Writing an Essay: Is Breastfeeding in Public Acceptable? a woman reading a book

 Primary Data

This is information that is not available anywhere and it has to be collected by the person writing the essay. In a topic as sensitive as breastfeeding, this means interviewing mothers with newly born children and getting their thoughts and experiences when they are breastfeeding in public.

 Magazines, Articles, and Newspapers

Since breastfeeding in public has become one of the most discussed topics over the last 20 years, there have been so many stories writing about it all across the world. A student can find all this information by reading newspapers, magazines, and articles. These sources of information will often have quotes from celebrities and famous people speaking on this matter which can add validity to an essay.

5 Scholar Sites

Scholar journals should not be ignored by students at all because they are a good source of information. As long as a student has a good internet connection and a smart device, they can read journals from anywhere.

5 Sources to Turn to When Writing an Essay: Is Breastfeeding in Public Acceptable? a woman in a laptop

Ideas on Further Areas of Study When It Comes to Breastfeeding in Public

An area that can be discussed by a student is the various tips a woman needs to know when it comes to breastfeeding their little on in public. Points that can be expanded on include things like:

  • Dressing for nursing success – A student can explain how a mother can give themselves privacy while feeding their little one.
  • Trying to cover up and doing it discreetly – There are a few ways a mother can breastfeed her baby discreetly and a student can explore those ways
  • Practice – To ensure that a mother is doing it right, she can look in the mirror to ensure her breastfeeding technique is on point. This can be expanded further by a student.
  • Look for nursing spots – A mother can find a nice quiet corner in a restaurant or a supermarket to breastfeed.
  • Knowing nursing rights – There are laws that are in place that protect women against harassment when they are feeding their baby.

Women who are in the breastfeeding stage with their baby will need to buy gear that is sold in stores. A student can research the top gear that every mother needs to make public breastfeeding as less stressful as possible.

5 Sources to Turn to When Writing an Essay: Is Breastfeeding in Public Acceptable? a woman breastfeeding the baby

Lastly, another area of study that can be explored by students is what a mother can do if she is getting harassed for breastfeeding in public. A few points that can be highlighted and expanded upon include:

  • Staying calm and avoid threats; 
  • Filing a complaint with the establishment if it is an employee is doing the harassment or speak to the manager or customer service team;
  • Speak to the relevant authorities if no one is being helpful at the establishment;
  • Visit a mother group and sharing what happened with others as well as friends;
  • Share experience on social media if possible to get public backing.

All in all the debate of breastfeeding in public will never go away and there will be people who will be ok with it as well as people who will have problems with it. In order for the world to see the act of breastfeeding difference, we need to stop looking at breasts as something that is sexual. We need to look at them as something that feeds babies when they are hungry. Even though laws are in place to protect breastfeeding mothers, more needs to be done to ensure it is seen as something natural, not a taboo.

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