5 Steps to Help Children Succeed in School

5 Steps to Help Children Succeed in School. Mother helping child with homework

Education starts at home. A good foundation of learning often comes from parents. After enrolling the children to school, parents should continue their responsibility to help their kids succeed in school and eventually in life. In this article, we will give you some effective steps that will help you guide your kids academically and further their learning.

 Attend school conferences, meetings and activities

Getting involved in school matters and in your children’s academic activities enables the kids to do better in school. Also meeting with the teachers, co-parents and other students keeps you informed about school policies, parents’ feedbacks, and students’ behaviour that will enable you to have the proper adjustment your child needs in school.

 Support extended learning activities

Extended learning activities such as homework and tutorials allow students to understand the concept of prioritising education above all. It also helps children develop a sense of responsibility that will surely benefit them in and out of school. But these extended learning activities should not take that long. A homework should typically take only 10 minutes to complete and about an hour for a tutorial class. This is also an effective way to avoid screen time but keep in mind that a child should have enough time to rest too.

5 Steps to Help Children Succeed in School. Father helping teenage son with his homework

 Teach them the necessary skills

Important skills such as organization and management skills can already be taught to young children. These skills are needed in a regular basis such as in completing home works and preparing for an upcoming exam. Have notebooks and books properly labelled. For instance, there should be homework notebooks and project folders to keep track of important activities. Also, you can already teach your kids to break down tasks into smaller tasks, have a simple to-do list, and always keep everything in order like his personal study desk for example.

 Get them always ready for school

Prepare them a healthy breakfast that will keep them awake and motivated while in class. Boost their attention span and energy and help them concentrate well in school by providing nutritious and delicious food.

5 Steps to Help Children Succeed in School. homework

5 Take attendance seriously

As much as possible do not let your kids be absent or come late to school. Children may not feel going to school regularly but if you motivate them to do it, they will get the hang of it and they will eventually feel excited to be in school every day. But of course, if your child is not feeling well or you notice something is wrong, then it’s your call whether you will send him to school or not. To avoid tardiness, send him to bed early and avoid excessive screen time at night.

As parents we have a big role in honing our children’s learning skills. The schools and educational institutions also have their own approaches and ways to progress kids’ learning. Some advanced schools such as the ib schools in Singapore offer a holistic approach that prepares students well to become innovative citizens in the future. Schools like this can effectively improve children’s learning and get them ready for tomorrow. You may consider enrolling your child in this type of school to secure his/her success in the future.

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