5 Tips and Modifications for Yoga While Pregnant

There’s a lot going on in your body when you’re pregnant. If this is your first pregnancy, your body is evolving in ways you’ve never experienced before. As you’re going through your pregnancy, the way you do things will have to be modified; even pregnant online dating is different than regular dating. When it comes to working out, though you’ll want to continue your daily exercise routine, you’ll need to adapt yourself to the changes happening in your body.

If you’re a yoga fan, you’ll still be able to practice, but, there are some modifications, physical and mental, you’ll have to adjust to. Here are five tips and modifications to use when practicing yoga while pregnant.

Focus on your breath

Even though yoga is largely based on connecting to one’s breathing, since your pregnant, you’ll need to be even more aware of your breathing. Why? Well, it’s great practice for labor and also teaches you to calm yourself naturally. If there are yoga poses where you need to hold your breath or practice deep breathing, avoid doing them. Instead, your breathing should be consistent and smooth.

5 Tips and Modifications for Yoga While Pregnant. yoga while pregnant

 Avoid deep twists

There are some twists you’ll be able to do, but certainly not all of them. When practicing yoga, avoid any deep twists which cross your body. These poses place pressure on your belly and chest, decreasing circulation. If you’re not sure which twists are doable when pregnant, don’t risk it – consult your instructor.

 Use props

As your belly continues to grow, your center of gravity is going to change. You may feel your balance is a bit off, so when practicing yoga, place your mat near a wall or pole for extra support. For specific yoga poses, using blocks or yoga blankets can help modify the pose, making it baby-safe. Always make sure your instructor is aware of your pregnancy as they’ll know which props and poses you’ll be able to do.

5 Tips and Modifications for Yoga While Pregnant. yoga during pregnancy

 Don’t lay on your belly or chest

If you’re in your second or third trimester, laying on your stomach or chest is a huge no-no. During the first 5-12 weeks of pregnancy, laying on your chest or stomach is based on personal preference as you may or may not experience discomfort or pressure. However, after the first trimester, you’ll need to make modifications, only doing postures which are on your hands and knees or side.

5 Drink plenty of water

In many yoga sessions, you’ll hear instructors asking their students not to drink water during class. Some instructors see it as a distraction; others see it as a way to reduce internal heat. But since you’re pregnant, it’s vital you stay hydrated. Regardless of what your instructor says, you should drink water throughout the class, making sure you and your baby feel comfortable.

Every soon-to-be mother wants to make sure their baby is healthy. To ensure the health of both you and your child, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper food intake and exercise will do the trick. If you want to practice yoga, it’s a great form of exercise, so, use these tips and modifications to make sure you exercise safely and smartly.

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