5 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet (#2 Is the Most Useful)


Do you know what’s tricky? Figuring out how to choose a kitchen faucet! Among many other important things in life, of course! So what you’ll find in this post is 5 tips for choosing the right kitchen faucet.

The variation in price, finish, material, and style is a bit overwhelming. And buying a kitchen faucet means having to live with your decision for many, many years. Am I right? So you better purchase a model that you would like to see and use for a long time.

That being said, let’s get to it!

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

These are factors that you should take into account if you want to know how to buy a kitchen faucet properly.

header 1 Number of sinkholes

how-to-choose-a-kitchen-faucetWhen upgrading from any old faucet, what is the one thing that counts? The number of sinkholes located in the appliance’s deck region. The new model shouldn’t require any more holes than the ones already in place.

Traditional kitchen faucets with both hot and cold water taps demand three holes. Two for the taps and one for the spout, right? Sometimes, there’s an extra fourth hole. This is necessary for installing the sprayer.

On the other hand, you’ll also find single piece kitchen faucets. These designs call for just two holes. The first hole accommodates the handle and the second is for the sprayer.

The single piece version is the most popular and common option on the current market. And the reason for its popularity is easy maintenance and operation.

But if you’re beginning from scratch, you have the freedom to install how many ever holes. Depending on your faucet requirement and convenience!

header 2 Kitchen Faucet Installation and Repair

kitchen-faucet-installationOf the 5 tips for choosing the right kitchen faucet, this one’s highly practical. Especially for long-term comfort and convenience!

Are you planning on repairing the faucet on your own? Or will you be hiring a professional for the job? More than half of the newly crafted kitchen faucets enable self-installation. These modern designs are quick and convenient to install. As well as operate!

But here’s the truth. The task of plumbing demands professional skills. Otherwise, the chances of leaks and such problems get amplified. So if you’re not positive about your plumbing abilities, you might end up mishandling the appliance. Or its invaluable parts! In these circumstances, the best thing to do is to opt for professional assistance.

One other helpful tip is to ensure that the different units of the kitchen faucet you choose are available in your locality. Because repairs are inevitable! So the undertaking seems less time-consuming if the replacement parts are easy to find.

header 3 Handle type

types-of-kitchen-faucet-handlesWhat size faucet for kitchen sink is a question concerned with the kind of handle you want to pick. Normal faucets come with a single handle. This rotates to provide both hot and cold water. Then there’s the two-handle version as well. Such a structure enables the mixing of hot and cold water.

Single piece kitchen faucets are equipped with handles attached to the sides. Or to the appliance’s unit! They are the easiest to maintain and use. And this explains why the design is so common today.

My advice to you would be to opt for the lever handle. Such a component allows you to turn on the tap using just your elbow. No need to touch the handle with your dirty or sticky hands. These lever taps tend to fit well with any universally designed concept. On top of that, they provide water access to people with physical disabilities too.

A single lever is a more practical option. Plus, there are models armed with phenomenal touch sensors as well. So your messy hands don’t come in contact with the handle.

header 4 Sprayer feature

kitchen-faucet-sprayerWhat is the sprayer feature? Sprayers are integrated dishwasher/soap dispensers. You’ll find them in some modern faucet designs. It comes in the form of a removable multifunctional faucet head.

However, it’s important to ensure that the spray head button is not cheap in quality. You can select the single lever unit with the under-mount dishwasher/soap dispenser. Faucets with sprayers are mostly available as either a pull-down or pull-out head.

Here’s how Moen’s pullout kitchen faucet installation works:

[YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MndxtJwwhk&t=1s]

Just keep in mind that quality and length are crucial factors here. They minimize maintenance efforts and cost.

header 5 Water filtration system

kitchen faucet water filtrationIt’s no more a surprise to come across models built with an integrated water filtration mechanism. Such an advanced system makes way for clean, filtered water. So all types of germs and dirt get eliminated!

This is a highly useful feature if you’re concerned about cleanliness and hygiene.

The End

Worrying about the kitchen faucet height or how tall should my kitchen faucet be are secondary concerns. These 5 tips for choosing the right kitchen faucet are more important. Particularly if you want to buy a product that exceeds your expectations. With reference to design, performance, and durability!

Are there any more helpful tips you would like to share? If your experience gave rise to a different set of concerns, then I’m sure we wouldn’t mind knowing what they were.

You can fill up the comments section with your stories and feedback.

I hope you found the post informative and beneficial. There are many such relevant articles scattered everywhere on my blog. Please feel free to browse.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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