5 Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

tips for losing weight after pregnancy

Every good thing in this world comes after a tough workout and becoming a mom is no different. Going through the tough stage of nine months of pregnancy and then a painful task of giving birth to a child, only a mom can understand the difficulties she went through. Now that those painful stages have passed with the reward of making you mother of a beautiful and loving child, you have a new and huge load of responsibilities of being a mother.

Taking care of your baby and always thinking about comforting her is every mom’s topmost priority, but another thing which is of significant concern to them is the “baby weight” which they have gained during the period of pregnancy. Most of the new moms are aiming to shed this weight at the earliest to their pre-pregnancy shape and figure. One can understand how important this is for women regarding maintaining their regular routine. According to experts, this is also very important for them in the long run especially if they plan to be pregnant again and also to mitigate the chances of obesity in later stages of their life.

There are tons of methods available to achieve the goal of weight reduction, but experts suggest few things to be considered before blindly going for a crash plan of dieting. You may need to consider your pre-pregnancy weight and the weight you gained during the period. If you were overweight and gained additional weight during pregnancy or your initial weight was normal before pregnancy; both of the cases need to be handled differently. Also what needs to keep account of during this phase is the mode of delivery during child birth. If you undergo a c-section, your child was premature, underweight or any such medical complication than you must be considering it before proceeding for any weight loss treatment. It will be the best idea if you consult your respective physician or a gynecologist for some guidance.tips fpr losing weight after pregnancy - before and after

There are some ways to achieve weight loss which have used since ages for the purpose. There are herbal ways and additional modern supplements available for doing the job. One of my close friends referred me a Top Uk fat burner site who offer special supplements for women for post-pregnancy weight loss. We will be discussing this method also later in our discussion but let us first introduce you to some of the natural ways suggested by some top experts to shed extra baby weight.

The foremost important thing for you to realize is that you should be realistic and remain patient with your aim of weight reduction. You cannot achieve your motive overnight and become a “supermodel”. This will definitely take time and it should; how can you reduce the weight in days or weeks which took almost nine months to gain? So you should be clear that it will definitely take at least the same amount of time it took to pile on.

Let us discuss few points to help you get your goal with a practical and more natural way instead of going through haste.

header 1 Breastfeeding:

Yes, you get it right. This is one of the best ways to lose your weight. It is not only beneficial to your baby but for you as well. In the starting months of nursing, you may feel that your weight is still increasing, but it’s due to your changing routine from pregnancy to post-pregnancy and nursing stage. Breastfeeding is going to help you to lose weight in a more natural but in a gradual way.tips fpr losing weight after pregnancy - new mom with centimeter

The process is actually linked to the fact that your body tends to utilize more calories when you are breastfeeding. So you are more likely to lose weight than the mothers who aren’t breastfeeding.

header 2 Stay Hydrated:

Drink water, as much as you can. This is not only important but also very helpful in weight reduction. Some researchers say it helps in an increased metabolism rate which is useful for weight loss but on another note, we see that it also keeps your stomach feel “full” so that you eat less.

Staying hydrated helps you in some ways. It helps to maintain the supply of milk during breastfeeding so that your baby doesn’t remain underfed. It keeps you active and boosts your concentration level.

Taking eight glasses of water daily is usually thought to be a level of proper hydration, but it’s better to keep it under check using urination color. A transparent sample is a sign you are taking plenty of water, and a pale complexion shows dehydration.tips fpr losing weight after pregnancy - staying hydrated

header 3 Take Good Sleep:

For a new mom, it is actually tough to have a good sleep. But it is vitally important for not only your health but ultimately for your kid also. Not having a good sleep is what we can hear from every mom but new moms are necessarily a prey to this owing to their lack of experience with the new responsibilities.

Our body releases particular hormones when not getting enough sleep or tiredness which tend to help weight gain by an increase in the drive for unhealthy food. A right way is to follow the routine of the child, as this will help you to get some rest. When the baby goes to sleep during the day or night, you should also try to get along with him.

header 4 Exercising:

Mostly we are not asking you to follow an exercise routine of an average person or lady looking for a weight loss. New moms definitely need a pattern of their own depending on a case by case basis, but the theme is that you need to keep your body moving. Daily motherly tasks are already helping you to get some of the workouts required, but still, you need to ask your doctor about the pattern to get you through the things.

In particular, if you or your baby had some specific medical condition during the process such as a c-section or something similar you need to consult your physician for advice regarding an exercise routine.tips for losing weight after pregnancy - exercising

header 5 Follow an Eat healthy Pattern:

If you are breastfeeding, it would be a better idea to follow a healthy diet plan instead of a strict one. The thing is that you need first to make sure that your child gets what he needs and then everything else. Having a ketogenic diet is also helpful in this case.

Actually what you are going to need is to keep a record of what you are eating and what is your requirement. Following a proper meal plan is a good strategy. Include fish, chicken, yogurt, milk, pulses, whole grain cereals, vegetables and fresh fruits in appropriate quantities as per your calculated calorie needs.

Network with other new moms in your neighborhood and local community, this will help you with discussing things, sharing ideas, experiences and a nice group of like-minded moms. Ask others for help whenever you need it and always get in touch with your doctor as necessary.

tips fpr losing weight after pregnancy - achievementAs was discussed earlier you can also use some weight reducing supplements which also claim to help new moms with lowering extra weight in conjunction with a controlled diet and exercise plan. Besides, there are also some fitness centers which offer special packages and ideas for new moms for shedding extra fat.

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