5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Baby Shower

5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Baby Shower. happy pregnant woman

A baby shower is often one of the most enjoyable parts of pregnancy for a woman, giving her an opportunity to bask in the well wishes of family and friends while also receiving gifts that can help her get prepared for caring for the baby.

While baby shower guests are excited to help shower the mom-to-be, the fact remains that baby showers aren’t always the most exciting events to attend. Many baby showers are the same, with the same themes, games, and activities, and after a certain point, it gets hard to show enthusiasm over another set of tiny baby booties.

If you are throwing a baby shower, why not mix things up a bit and plan an event that will be fun and memorable for everyone? This could mean replacing the gift opening marathon with a fun activity, or just changing up the guest list. Here are some ideas that can help you throw a memorable baby shower that’s fun for everyone, while still helping the mom-to-be get ready for her new arrival.

Incorporate an Activity

Instead of hosting a luncheon, where food is followed by gifts, plan the baby shower around an activity instead. For instance, ask guests to design a scrapbook page for the mom to add photos to later, and have them paint small canvases or tiles that can be used for nursery décor. Another useful idea is a cooking party. Guests can get together and prepare meals to stock the new mom’s freezer, so she doesn’t have to cook every night after the baby arrives. Turn the baby shower into a spa day or start with a yoga class. The point is you don’t need to limit your baby shower to the traditional activities, but instead make it interesting for everyone and fun for the mom based on her interests and needs.

 Memorable Baby Shower. happy women on a baby shower

Choose a Unique Theme

Choosing a theme beyond generic “baby shower” can help take the party to the next level, and even inspire some of the gifts. Consider themes inspired by the parents-to-be and their interests, children’s books, even movies or travel. The theme can inspire the baby shower invitations, décor, and food, as well as the activities and gifts themselves. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Yes, baby bottles, diapers, and ducks are cute, but they aren’t your only option.

Go Nontraditional

There’s no law that says a baby shower has to be on a weekend afternoon. Or that it must be at home or a traditional party space. If the weather is nice, have an outdoor party or a backyard BBQ. A dinner party is also a nice option, or a brunch. Remember that the party is in honor of the mom-to-be- (or the parents-to-be), so think about places that she loves and what she would prefer.

 Memorable Baby Shower. baby shower

Expand the Guest List

Baby showers have long been considered “women’s” events, but that tide is shifting. Why not make the shower a co-ed affair and invite the whole family? Many dads-to-be already attend their partner’s baby shower but making it a co-ed party and inviting some of his friends as well can help him feel more comfortable. Involving everyone helps create more of a party atmosphere and can take some of the focus off opening the gifts, which can be awkward for some people. It’s important to remember the reason for the gathering but expanding the guest list only increases the fun.

 5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Baby Shower. Baby Shower

Provide Thoughtful Favors

If you decide to provide party favors for your guests – which isn’t mandatory but is a nice gesture of thanks – consider giving a meaningful gift. Sweets are always welcome, but a favor that reminds partygoers of the event and the baby are even better. For instance, give each guest a packet of seeds or a tree seedling to bring home and plant, symbolizing the baby’s growth over the years. If you do a cooking party, prepare a recipe book for each guest with all of the instructions for the meals you made. Or, instead of giving individual gifts, make a donation to a charitable organization in the baby’s name, and let guests know about the gift with a printed card.

Making a baby shower a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars on a professional party planner and entertainment. All it requires is some creativity and thinking beyond the standard “baby shower,” and you’ll host a party that everyone will remember for years to come.

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