5 Ways to Boost Your Summer Style

5 Ways to Boost Your Summer Style. young woman street style

Floaty dresses, midi skirts, shorts, and trusty t-shirts. You’ve probably already got your summer wardrobe nailed, complete with pretty summer sandals and beautiful glowing summer skin. But do you feel like something is missing? Or are you bored with your current go-to summer styles? It’s perfectly natural to get a little bored with your wardrobe from time to time, especially during the summer months, so if you’re looking for a mid-season style lift then you’ve come to the right place!

Read on for 5 ways to boost your summer look and see out the season in style.

 Update Your Eye Wear

When was the last time you updated your eye wear? Glasses and sunglasses have changed so much in the last ten years, with more and more people opting for styles that reflect their personalities and frames that make them look and feel confident and professional. If done well, eye wear can be the ultimate accessory and it can really freshen up your summer look. From a stunning pair of aviators to a gorgeous pair of cat eye sunglasses from Eye Buy Direct it’s always worth investing in protecting your vision and looking good at the same time!

5 Ways to Boost Your Summer Style. cat eye sunglasses

 Don’t Be Afraid to Play With Polish

If you want an instant hit and want to feel like you’re trying something new and different then its time to break out the nail polish! Grab something bright and colourful and give your hands a makeover. If you tend to go for the same shade or hue, then try something a little different for a change, like sparkles, metallics or neon shades, you might be surprised how much you enjoy leaving your comfort zone behind!

 Give a New Trend the Green Light

You probably had your eye on a few pieces before you started summer shopping, but now we’re mid-season, it’s normal to feel a little tired with them all. So, why not embrace another summer trend? A playsuit, something lacey, a wrap around dress, a midi skirt with sneakers, a tea dress or go for a particular style like nautical or something with a 90s vibe. Remember, you can have fun with fashion!

5 Ways to Boost Your Summer Style. a woman in a long dress

 Update Your Makeup Bag

Don’t be afraid to have a good clear out of your makeup from time to time, especially if you just don’t feel like it’s giving you the confidence you want or complimenting you anymore. Kick start your cosmetics and go for an overhaul – or if you’re not quite ready to part with some of your makeup bag staples, add a couple of new things instead. A new lip gloss, blusher, eyeshadow palette or even some new bronzer for a sun kissed look.

5 Choose a Special Accessory

Finding that perfect accessory is a great feeling. That particular item that just makes you smile when you see it. Well, sometimes all you need to kickstart your summer vibe is an accessory that makes you feel confident and a million dollars. Go for a statement piece, splurge if you have the budget, but just make sure that the item is versatile and can be used with your upcoming Autumn wardrobe too.

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