5 Ways to Give Your Home Kerb Appeal

5 Ways to Give Your Home Kerb Appeal. kitchen

Are you planning on selling your home? If you’re juggling, work, your social life and the kids all whilst trying to sell your property then I commend you! Although you certainly have enough on your plate at the moment, you might be wondering how you can help move the sale of your home along and make the property look appealing to prospective buyers.

Or, maybe you’re just looking for ways to make your house look beautiful in the run up to the warmer months of the year. Well, you’re in luck! Here we’ve rounded up 5 ways to give your home kerb appeal!

 Introduce some good signage

Whether you’re selling your home or looking for ways to make it stand out from all the others on your street, then why not introduce a little signage? From beautifully crafted house name/number plaques to stylish, reflective signs that help visitors find your home at night. Parking signs can help give your home kerb appeal too! And the good news? They’re usually very affordable! Do a little research and find one that really appeals to the aesthetics of your home.

 Make a grand entrance

The entrance to your property is pretty much the make or break of a sale. As studies show that most prospective buyers have already cast judgement on a property based on its outward appearance. Even if the inside is like a palace – the outside has to match! Take a look at your front door. Does it need a lick of paint? A new door handle or letterbox, perhaps? Or maybe it needs replacing altogether. Keep the area around your front door clean, tidy and even decorated with tidy flowers and pretty floral arrangements. And speaking of flowers…

5 Ways to Give Your Home Kerb Appeal. home on the front

 Add some plant power

If you have a front lawn or garden, then you need to give it the WOW factor. Luckily, it doesn’t mean you have to invest in a landscape gardener. Add plenty of bright, colourful flowers. You can dig beds or keep it simple if you’re short for time and add lots of tubs and planters that are bursting with colour. Keep your lawn or yard clean, tidy and well mown and your home will certainly turn heads for all the right reasons.

 Update your path

The path to the front door should also have plenty of attention. If it’s looking a little broken, then consider re-gravelling or relaying the path with paving slabs completely. If your budget is tight, then get a power washer and remove all the dirt and grime from the path, you’ll be amazed at the result!

5 Ways to Give Your Home Kerb Appeal. home exterior

5 Add some lighting

You can add a touch of sparkle and care to the outside of your property by introducing some good lighting. Fix or replace those porch lights and add some pretty solar powered lights along the garden path and in and around the shrubs and flowers. It not only looks welcoming but is also a good security measure for you and your family as well as any prospective buyers!

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