7 Healthy Habits During Pregnancy

7 Healthy Habits During Pregnancy. pregnant woman outdoors

Motherhood is perhaps the most cherishable time in the life of a woman. Only women can support and give life to a baby. Of course, fathers play a vital role if you are considering traditional conception, but it is solely in the hands of the women to nurture the embryo. Bit by bit, over a span of 40 weeks, the fetus develops into a baby inside the mothers’ womb. Only a healthy mother will be able to maintain the health and well-being of the baby, growing inside her.

7 Healthy Habits During Pregnancy. proper diet for pregnant

Proper food intake and healthy lifestyle will go a long distance to ensure safe childbirth as well as post-delivery recovery. Thus, all mothers must pay attention to overall fitness during pregnancy and enjoy this time. If you are going through this phase for the first time, then you need to be extra cautious. Here are some healthy habits, which will keep you at the top of your game during these ten months.

 Pamper yourself and maintain positivity

Motherhood is a spectacular time. Staying positive and shunning all negative thoughts will do wonders for the mothers as well as their babies. Researches have proven that mothers’ mindset during pregnancy affects the babies as well. Women who have positive or optimistic feelings are more likely to give birth to healthy babies. Pregnancy can be exhausting at times, and staying positive during those days is rather challenging. Practicing yoga or mindfulness meditation can assist in keeping your senses calm. Many also take help from color or music therapy. Staying happy and staying positive is interrelated. Go for spa sessions; enjoy a good book or music, hang out with close friends and family, etc. In short, do anything that keeps you far from stress and depression.

 Say ‘yes’ to organic and pesticide-free foods

There are no extra points for guessing that fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal for the upkeep of health. Your child will have a strong immunity if you offer him/her the right nutrients. Since fruits and vegetables are packed with goodness and are affordable, people depend on them to meet primary nutritional requirements. But the unchecked use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides reduce the overall quality of fruits and vegetables. These chemicals seep into the product, which when consumed, have detrimental effects, both for the mother and the unborn child. Choosing organic vegetable and fruits will help you to avoid this problem.

7 Healthy Habits During Pregnancy. food

 Take necessary medicines and supplements

It is mandatory for all pregnant women to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Iron and folic acid are very important for healthy pregnancy and childbirth. But the female body does not produce enough iron and folic acid to sustain the mother and the child. Thus, consuming iron and folic acid pills are imperative. Doctors conduct regular blood tests and depending on these test results, they prescribe an adequate dosage of supplements. Ignoring these health supplements and medicines will pave the way for diseases and even miscarriage.

 Indulge in frequent healthy snacks

It is true that women need to eat more during pregnancy as they have to provide adequate nutrition for the baby as well. But many feel nauseous during these months that make eating an ordeal. The best way to deal with this issue is by having frequent snacks. Apart from eating the three important meals, i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner, pregnant women must eat healthy snacks. Eating small portions of fruit and veggie salads, nuts and other foods throughout the day is better than eating a lot at a single time. Choosing healthy snacks ensures that your stomach does not remain empty for too long.

7 Healthy Habits During Pregnancy. Food During Pregnancy

5 Invest time in physical activity

Many women think that taking part in physical activity may cause harm to the baby. It is a myth. In fact, doctors advise pregnant women to exercise regularly. But it is best to consult your fitness trainer when you are pregnant. There are special exercises, which are beneficial for pregnant women. Practicing them will ensure that you remain in top shape during pregnancy. But during advanced months, it becomes rather challenging to work out with a big belly. Spending one hour in the swimming pool is an ideal option for those months. Light swimming or water aerobics dismiss aches and maintain flexibility of muscles. Light exercise will keep you in shape so that you can look ravishing in a jumpsuit dress, even during your advanced pregnancy days.

7 Healthy Habits During Pregnancy. kim kardashian jumpsuit

6 Hydrate your body often

Adequate intake of water is good for all. Water is not only beneficial for overall wellness of your body but also flushes out toxins easily. During pregnancy, you must drink lots of water to maintain the internal hydration level. Make sure that the water is hygienic. You can consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices as well. These will not only up your hydration level but will also offer necessary minerals and vitamins.

7 Healthy Habits During Pregnancy. kiwi and pregnant woman

7 Say ‘no’ to smoking, drinking & caffeine

Doctors, health experts, and scientists say that both smoking and drinking are harmful to your health. Both tobacco and alcohol have carcinogenic properties. Whether it is a man or a woman, indulging in these substances will do more harm than good. During pregnancy, all women must stay away from smoking and alcohol as much as possible. Too much alcohol and tobacco will have negative effects on the baby. Apart from this, too much caffeine may also enhance the risks of miscarriage. A high percentage of caffeine may interfere with the development of the fetus, and your child may be under-weight. Does that mean you need to say goodbye to tea, coffee, and chocolates? Absolutely not! Keep your caffeine intake within 200 mg per day.

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