7 Tips to Boost Fertility in Women

fertility in women

We must maintain a balanced weight to promote pregnancy. However, you must remember that when performing physical exercise we release endorphins, which interfere with ovulation.

How to increase fertility in women

If you are in the stage of “project baby”, do not hesitate to read the following article, where you will learn how to increase fertility and you can get pregnant in a short time. Tips, advice, home remedies and “instructions” to achieve your long-awaited goal in a matter of weeks.

There are several reasons why a woman can’t get pregnant, from imbalances in the diet to overweight, through stress, age, habits (smoking, drinking alcohol), sedentary lifestyle, etc. Do not hesitate to follow these helpful tips:

header 1 Eat in a healthy way

Alterations in the diet cause irregularities in the menstrual and anovulatory cycles. Consume more olive oil and avoid products such as fast food or pastries. It increases the intake of vegetable proteins (cereals) and reduces the animals (red meats). Eat more fruits and vegetables, eliminate refined carbohydrates (white flour) and sugar from the diet. In addition, moderate milk and soft drinks; drink more natural juices and water. Leave the coffee in excess.fertility in women - wishful thinking

header 2 Feeding during pregnancy

Control your weight and maintain the ideal weight according to your height and physical build. This is vital to get pregnant. Either by having a very low or very high index of body mass, the production of reproductive hormones is affected or ovulation is unbalanced. In the case of being overweight, ovulatory dysfunction is common. Women who are too thin may also have fertility problems because they are not able to maintain the regular menstrual cycle.

header 3 Reduce stress

It is true that if for some months you want to get pregnant and you have no results your anxiety levels will rise to the clouds, you must remain calm, as nerves and stress reduce your chances of becoming a mother, that simple. There is a great relationship between infertility and stress. Live this moment in the best way possible, do not worry if this month the test is negative, and the next will change. In addition, it is good to leave aside labor or financial problems so that your mind and body are prepared to welcome the new life.

header 4 Perform acupuncture

Several studies have indicated that acupuncture sessions (oriental technique recommended for all types of ailments) stimulate fertility because they reduce anxiety, nerves, and stress. In addition to this method, you can perform other activities such as yoga, tai chi or meditation to promote pregnancy.fertility in women - sperm enters the egg

header 5 Consider ovulation

An egg can survive between 24 and 36 hours in a woman’s body, but sperm has the ability to live longer (up to five days) in the lower part of the female reproductive tract. To increase the chances of getting pregnant, you need to have sex from three to four days before ovulation and one or two days after that date. To be able to know the day that you will be “more fertile” you can consult the calendar or look for the ovulation calculators in different places. Consult with the gynecologist about it.

header 6 Perform a complete physical examination

So the doctor can evaluate your health and indicate treatments that are necessary in case of suffering from any disease, endometriosis, cysts in the pelvis, or any disorder related to the genital tract.

header 7 Stop smoking

If you have this habit so negative, it is better to start thinking about quitting. Women who smoke during their reproductive stage have worse embryo quality, are more likely to spontaneous abortions and children suffer from respiratory or cardiac diseases.fertility in women - positive test

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