7 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Love Science

help your kids love science

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the in thing for kids who want big careers in future. This does not mean that art-inclined kids are doomed as there are many chances for them too. However, if you would like your kids to be scientifically inclined, here are 7 ways to encourage them to love science.

header 1 Make Trips To Science Facilities

As much as they are a lot of fun, such trips to the zoo, to the botanical gardens, space centers and many more are very educative to the children. It is through such events that you can truly help spark that interest in science. You will be showing the children that STEM subjects offer much more than just numbers and facts. Make every trip count by giving assignments. For example, one child can take pictures of birds as another one takes pictures of insects. Another one can handle the wildflowers and then later, you can use a nature book or encyclopedia to identify all the items. This is indeed fun!

header 2 Help The Children See Science In Everything Around Them

There is so much science around us such that we can choke if we start thinking about it. For example, there is a lot of science in the food that we eat, in the cooking, in lighting fire and so on. Anything that you are doing at home can be a science lesson for you and the children. It is such regular and everyday things that make learning science and math a lot of fun. Even in the very important things like visiting a dentist, going to the doctor and so on, it is all about science.kids love science - boy contemplating

header 3 Science Is About Keeping Facts And Figures

When is the full moon? How many times does it happen in a year? When is the crescent stage of the moon? At what time does the sun rise in January? Is it any different in the other months? These are some of the things that you should be asking. Buy the children some journals and let them record information regularly until it becomes a habit. Science is mostly about numbers, figures, records and much more.

header 4 Let Your Children Play With The Right Scientific Toys

Look for games and toys that are designed to be scientific in nature. You will find so many. It is better to make sure that everything you buy the children counts and toys are not an exception. Today, people are making good living out of computer and video games engineering as well as courses like animations and film. So do not be too hard on your children. Buy them all those toys and games and you may encourage an animator or a software engineer amidst them.

header 5 Play Interesting Games For Science

kids love science - scientific gamesPlay the science game. Everywhere around you, there are opportunities to play this game. For example, you can ask the children to identify as many science things as they can as you take that road trip. You can also ask them to explain things in the car that remind them of science and so on and so forth.

header 6 Encourage Your Children To Do Whatever Science They Love

Ok, so your girl or boy does not dig zoology. Do not worry too much about it and do not force the subject on them. Try them on another science and you will see a positive reception. If they do not love zoology, you can certainly interest them with agriculture, astronomy and many other things. There is a science subject for everyone irrespective of their diverse interests.

header 7 Encourage Your Children To Ask Questions Regarding Science

Well, science is not hard, it is only that it appears hard. You can make it easier by encouraging your children to ask questions. For example, you can ask them why the sun sets in the west so that you can encourage them to read about the rotation of the earth. You can also ask them why birds fly and so on. Every day, you can have a question for them and you will encourage them to open up their minds about science.


kids love science - in classIf you can make it fun and interesting, your children will love and appreciate science. Buy science fiction books for them, even comics are a good place to begin. If you are particularly busy as a parent, you can introduce learn science online app to your kids and they can get solutions to all their science related questions or problems. This free homework helper app can make your job much easier than trying to solve all the problems yourself for your kids. If you are an android user, you can give your kids access to Google Play educational app as well.

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