8 Smart Bonding Activities To Do With Your Child

8 Smart Bonding Activities To Do With Your Child. happy family on the beach

Being a parent, we have big dream for our kids. We always want them to grow into smarter humans than us, so that they can get what they want in life. Parents hope their kids to grow up being a caring member of the community. While succeeding in life, we also want our kids to have a strong bond with us. The struggle to make a smart bond with your kids starts at the early stage of their life. The journey to set up the kids for success requires you to bond with your kids. If you act smart, they would turn out to be smart as well.

Following are the best smart bonding activities that you can do with your child:

1.Encourage your child to explore

You need to expose your child to some unfamiliar and new environment; encourage him to understand and explore what seems to be interesting. Once they have ventured into unknown (if needed, under supervision) talk to them about their experience, ask questions and look enthusiastic about the things they have come across. The more your child learns, explores and talks to you about different things, better would be his intelligence level and connection with parents.

2. Read together with your child

Books are an outstanding source to make your kids’ imagination strong and enhance their thinking capabilities. You can read books together with your child every day; be sure to select books depending upon their age and interests. Later on, talk to your kids about what you have read and make them discuss what they remember. If they are able to retell the story in their own words, it will improve their memory, imagination, storytelling and confidence.

8 Smart Bonding Activities To Do With Your Child. a mother reading with her son

3. Watch movies and get to talk

Also watching movies with your kids is a very effective thing to bond with your kids. Show them different movies based on different storylines and concepts; it would let you identify their interest. The discussion with your kids after the movie can let you refine your child’s brain. Asking questions randomly about the movie afterwards will make them recall what they saw and extract a morale from the movie. Movie theaters offer viewings for as little as $6.99 for children morning showtimes for awesome upcoming movies.

4. Play board games together

We are living in times of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and screens all around us. If you, as a parent, spend time with your kid in playing board games as a family, it will be a quality-time worth remembering. Such interaction always makes the children confident while coping up with the challenges and situations when they grow up. Set up play dates with your kids and plan some activities like scavenger hunt, puzzles, activities and board games; it will build in them skills such as team work, critical thinking and problem solving.

8 Smart Bonding Activities To Do With Your Child. family playing board games

5. Bed time rituals

Bed time is known to be a time of peak sensitivity. Whatever you talk to your child at their bedtime will linger in their head till they drift to sleep. You can have a ritual of bedtime stories, talking about their day, talking about their problems, or being thankful about the good things they have. Every night, your child will feel blessed to have you around them while they sleep, and they will truly appreciate the time you spend with them.

6. Boost their curiosity to find solutions

To get your kids involved in problem solving skills, practice books and brain teasers are available. Ask them questions about various subjects; it will increase their curiosity to solve problems, make them think of critical solutions and develop interest in things they do not know about. This will also increase self-confidence and competitiveness in school.

8 Smart Bonding Activities To Do With Your Child. family time

7. Cook together

Cooking with child is one of the best bonding activities. You can ask them what they want to eat, and then involve them in the cooking process. It will let them appreciate the effort that goes into making their food every day and also help in strengthening parent-child relation. After a hectic day, parents only think about cooking dinner and feel no desire to make child’s favorite snack. So, if you involve the child with you, you will get some help and they will get a treat.

8. Visit nature

Time spent off-screen is truly valuable. Take them to visit some natural place. Teach them about things. Talk to them about what they see, experience and feel. Recall old trips together. Listen to the sounds of nature.

If you want to indulge in smart bonding activities with your kids, you will need to cut down on your other activities. It is best to cut down on your social media use to spend more time with your kids. It will teach them the importance of human relations.

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