8 Tips for Moms who Work from Home

Having two roles, as a mother and a career woman, has always been challenging. Whether you’re working as a freelancer, online store owner, or crypto trader who loves watching crypto videos, a mom will always be a mom. There are some responsibilities you can’t leave behind, especially for your loved ones.

As working from home becomes highly possible and preferable, it doesn’t mean their responsibilities get more manageable, especially for those having a toddler. Moms must have good time management, strategy, and, most importantly, great forbearance.

We understand that being a mom and an employee is all-consuming. So, we’ve pieced together eight tips for moms who work from home to stay productive and get the headache away. Keep scrolling to reveal the essentials!

Create Daily Schedule

Being organized will help you work efficiently and be more productive during the day. So, creating a daily schedule may help you sort your tasks as an employee and a mom.

You can create daily schedules for a week or just pen down your plan a night before. Include all the essential tasks, such as doing house chores, taking care of your kids, and your work-related assignments.

To make sure you finish your major tasks, siding your house chores can be a great option. It’s okay to have piled dishes and laundry during the day. You can always get them done at night and be more relaxed.

Furthermore, make sure you take some time for breaks because working from home can be more overwhelming than you think.

Prioritize your Task

While developing your daily schedule, you may as well create task prioritization. Again, it can help you be more productive during the day and finish your assignments on time.

Make a separate list of your house chores and work-related tasks. Focus on the most important ones, as you’re more likely to be productive during the first few hours of work.

Try to wake up earlier to take care of the family. Prepare their breakfast and spend some time with them. When it’s time to work, try your best to stay focused and finish your tasks sequentially according to your list.

Make a Work Space

Make your own space for working. Choose a room with good natural lighting. It would be best if it had a window to see the outside. Sometimes, you get tired of looking at the screen, so take some time looking out the window to freshen your eyeballs.

Moreover, start decorating your work zone according to your style. If you need to repaint the walls, then do it. But, most importantly, buy equipment that will support your work to the fullest.

Invest in buying a working table and chair that give you the utmost comfort during working hours. Some working tables come with excellent features, such as height adjustment. It allows you to adjust the table’s height so you can work sitting or standing.

Share Home Responsibilities

The never-ending house chores do not solely belong to you. Talk with your partner to share home responsibilities, such as doing dishes, laundry, cleaning the house, and taking care of your kids.

If you have teens, it never hurts to ask for their understanding. Teach them how to do their dishes or do the house cleaning. Doing a few house chores will also teach them to be independent and responsible,

Prepare Meals Night Before

If you have more time at night, you can prepare meals for the following day. Food preparation helps you cut time to cook so you can be more relaxed in the morning.


Doing food preparations lets you just grab and put ingredients on the pan and wait for them to cook. You eliminate time for cutting veggies, fruits, or meat because you’ve done it the night before.

Moreover, cook easy meals for the morning, like sandwiches, overnight oats, or fruits. Also, look for simple lunch ideas that won’t require you to spend much time in the kitchen. Then, you can go fancier for dinner with the family.

Learn to be Flexible

Even though you’ve made a schedule and task prioritization, some unplanned events may occur in your house. It can be related to your kids or other external interruptions.

If an unexpected thing happens, there’s nothing you can do but accept it. Getting used to the disturbances becomes the perk of working from home.

So, don’t be too overthinking when you need longer work hours due to unexpected events at your house. Tell your co-workers if you need to. They’ll most likely understand your problem and condition.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

It’s understandable if you’re having a hard time balancing your personal and work life. So, don’t hesitate too much to ask for help whenever you need it.

If you have an important meeting, you can ask your family to take care of your kids or consider hiring a nanny. Or, if you’re too exhausted to do the house chores, consider hiring a house assistant to help you out.

You may need to spend more money to get an assistant. But, it’ll be worth it as you get more peace of mind and more time to complete your tasks on time.

Take Breaks and Give Yourself Rewards

You will be busy going back and forth doing house chores, taking care of your family, and doing your work. Therefore, you’re more vulnerable to burnout and stress. When you feel exhausted, taking a break solely for yourself is necessary.

Moreover, give yourself rewards after a long day or week. Do things that will light up your mood. It can be shopping, eating out, going to a spa, doing your nails, or just a lazy day doing nothing.

The Takeaway

Mothers who work from home will undoubtedly face a great challenge. With a bunch of assignments, they’re more vulnerable to burnout. Therefore, adjusting some strategies to support their life balance is necessary.

You can consider the above point to help you do your best as a mother and employee. Furthermore, share your difficulties with your partner to find the best solutions. Lastly, you can always ask for help or get an assistant if working from home becomes too hard to handle.