A Nurse Mom: Juggling it All

A Nurse Mom: Juggling it All. a nurse

Being a nurse in a hospital entails putting in long hours and lots of hard work, in short, it keeps you quite busy. And being a mom is a full time job that keeps you on your toes as well. Now combine being a nurse and a mom, and you’ve got one extremely busy person.

Depending on the age and amount of children you have, your challenges definitely can vary. Having a couple of young toddlers is quite a different story than one teenager in the house. But the bottom line is, no matter the age of your child, they always need their mom’s attention and care.

How do you juggle the job responsibilities with your home responsibilities?

Choose Your Shift

If you have little ones in tow, it is important to figure out which shift works best for your schedule. Many mom nurses choose to do the night shift so they can put their little ones to bed, change into their nursing scrubs and head off to work, and still get home before the kiddies are off to daycare in the morning. Of course, mom will then jump into the shower and head straight to bed to sleep off her exhaustion before the kids are home once again. This being said you can only do the night shift with the help and support from either your husband or other designated person, as you may have to leave before the kids are in bed, and come home after they are already off to school.

A Nurse Mom: Juggling it All. nurse

When doing the night shift there is also less chance that you will miss out on performances or soccer games that your kids might have. One downside though, you will have to miss many night events such as wedding, engagement parties, although you can get the night off for important events.

Be Relaxed

This one applies to every profession and at every stage of life. Even when things get busy, it is so important to take a deep breath and try to remain calm and relaxed. Yes, things will be hectic and you will be tired, actually make that exhausted, at times. Especially if you have a baby or toddler keeping you up at night and you have to do the day shift the next morning, the situation is understandably quite stressful. It’s important to keep in mind that these types of things eventually pass and things will get easier. I can’t stress it enough, (no pun intended) that you’ve got just relax and go with the flow and hope for an easier tomorrow.

Take Care of Yourself

You spend the majority of your day taking care of others. Make sure not to neglect yourself in the process. We know that as a mom, and a nurse you care deeply about others and do your utmost to provide the best possible care. What some people forget is, that in order to properly take care of others you must also take care of yourself. Working overtime taking care of others while neglecting your own needs will eventually lead to burnout, something we would all want to avoid at all costs.

A Nurse Mom: Juggling it All. a smiling nurse

So you’re thinking, how can I find time to take care of myself when I have hardly have enough time to get a decent night’s sleep? Small acts of self-care go a long way. We are not talking about spending days in the spa and chilling out. (Even though a day in the spa may be in order sometimes!) Sitting for a few minutes yourself with a cup of your favorite coffee and just savoring the flavor or taking a walk with a friend are a couple of easy, but very beneficial acts of self-care.

The bottom line is, life will be hectic at this stage; but it can be an immensely rewarding and beautiful time as well. Don’t lose focus on your goal; laugh at the funny things and enjoy the good times, and things will be great!

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