Apps That a Family Should Definitely Have

Apps That a Family Should Definitely Have. family


It has always been a controversy whether technology and the recent developments in the smartphone technology have rendered people alienated from each other or not. People have often argued that families don’t find the time to talk to each other even when they are sitting at the same table to eat. Everyone is so obsessed with their smartphones and gadgets but does that necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing? Can we really declare something so decisive about something so immense so quickly? What if we are not using the right tools to avoid the pitfalls involved with the use of these smart gadgets?

Top Apps that a Family Needs:

Your kids are always on social platforms and texting locally, not to mention the immense activities that are available to engage with on the internet. You can’t rely on them to know what they should be seeing. On the other hand, what if apps could actually make things easier for you? Let these apps give you a better idea.


Realizing the excessive time that kids waste on smartphones and gadgets, ScreenLimit was developed to be a monitoring system that locks the device after a specified time decided by the parent. With this locking feature that ensures the device is rendered useless until taken to the parent, ScreenLimit also provides prohibitions and restrictions that can be set to deny access to certain content that should be avoided by a juvenile.

Apps That a Family Should Definitely Have. phone screen


ChoreMonster is easy to use and a very interactive and influential app for families. By setting up a chores list and assigning rewards to activities done by the kids like ice cream for cleaning up the room or playing video games if they earn enough points for it. The app makes a competitive environment that has resulted in families having no difficulty staying organized. Parents have loved the use of the app to have children learn the importance and significance of responsibility.

LaLa Breakfast

This is an app developed for coping with daily situations, more specifically dealing with the problem of deciding what meal the kids want and should get every day. Meal planning apps haven’t gotten much recognition but LaLa Breakfast offers a fun way of making sure that a family feels involved and interacts with the side features such as the interactive interface. The organizer and planner can prove very useful for reminding and setting dates for events like birthdays, recitals etc.


OurHome is a chore listing app that provides options for setting up grocery lists and events and rewards that are awarded when tasks are completed off of the lists. This app has proven very successful in becoming more than just an organizing app since it can be ‘played’ with not just your family but your roommates and partners as well. Often the competition has brought people closer together, working for something in unison helps develop a deep sense of responsibility that can prove very healthy for any relationship.

Apps That a Family Should Definitely Have. family and the phone

M-Spy Lite

You’re bound to always be worried about what your kids are learning or seeing or doing throughout the time they’re focused on that screen. But what if you didn’t have to confront them and simply found out what they were up to? Of course, it would be like spying, knowing how to read someone’s text messages. That’s exactly what mSpy has been working on. The perfect monitoring app that is targeted towards making it easier for parental monitoring to be done through the gadgets that present the most danger.

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