Baby Bath Seat: The Main Advantages and Choosing/Using Advice

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How to bathe the baby, so that the process brings joy to him and his mother? While the child is small, parents manage to bathe him, supporting the baby with their hands. However, by the age of six months, the increase in body weight of the baby, as well as his ever-increasing activity, prompts parents to seek for different helping device. One of them is a baby bath seat.

What Is a Baby Bath Seat?

Baby bath seat is a special chair, equipped with a soft seat with orthopedic back, designed for helping parents bathe the baby. In the bath it is fixed with suction cups. Thus, mom can calmly bathe the baby or just play with him.

In front of the child there is a panel with toys of bright colors, so the baby can play and mom can bathe her child. If the baby gets tired of toys – his mother will have to entertain the him herself, but the panel can be easily removed so that it does not get in the way. It is only important to remember that this invention is a seat, and not a miracle-suppressor. If the child is really tired of the seat – he will find a way to leave it. That’s why, do not leave your child without attention.

When Can a Baby Bath Seat Be Used?

Some mothers use a bathing chair when the baby does not know how to sit. They land the baby in a chair and pour water on the chest, thinking that: if the baby’s body is in the water, then the load on the spine is minimal. However, children’s orthopedists categorically prohibit this. Until the baby confidently sits down, it is better not to use a baby bath seat.

baby bath seat. baby bath time

At what age is it better to stop using the baby bath seat? Let the baby decide for himself. It all depends on the desire of your child: someone gladly bathes in a special chair for up to two years, and to someone it becomes small already at eight months. Keep in mind the weight limits: depending on the model, they are, as a rule, thirteen to fifteen kilograms.

So, Is A Baby Bath Seat Necessary?

If the child is very active – he simply does not want to sit still. Even if this place is a seat in the water. He will make great efforts to study everything around, to catch toys floating past him on the surface of the water, to study the mixer tap and bottles with shampoo. Thus, the baby bath seat will be perceived as something that does not allow him to move normally. Therefore, the attitude towards it will be the same.

There are about the same number of pros and cons in a child seat, so getting or not getting it is your choice.

How to Choose a Seat?

If you have already decided that the baby bath seat is exactly what you need – choose a trusted manufacturer. The seat must be made of high quality materials and must be odorless. There should be no sharp corners in the structure at all.

In many cases, as mentioned earlier, there are play panels with toys for the child on the chairs. Thus, the baby will not get bored while bathing. But it can also be harmful to the baby. The fact is that a small child has a congenital hyperopia, which disappears during the growth of the organism.

baby bath seat

If toys are hanging near the child’s face and he constantly touches them, it doesn’t mean that he plays. Most likely, he is just trying to clear his view. If you do not pay attention to it – the baby may develop strabismus, so before you buy, be sure to sit the toddler in the seat and look at his reaction to toys.

And of course, you should always follow the principle: the most expensive thing is not always the best.

Tips on Choosing a Seat

When choosing a baby bath seat, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of your child and the size of the bath.

 Consider the size of the baby: if the baby sits close to the bumper, it will be inconvenient to bathe the child.

 Consider the size of the seat: it should fit in the bathroom.

 Carefully inspect the seat for sharp or raw edges to avoid injury.

 Try to choose a baby bath seat that is equipped with a lever to unstick the suction cups.

5 If the choice fell on the model on the suction cups, check their quality.

baby taking bath in a bath seat

If the sitting surface of the bath seat is ribbed, the baby will not slip, which means that bathing will become more comfortable and safer.

How to Use a Baby Bath Seat?

After you bring the new device home, check its suitability for use. Then:

 Immediately before bathing, place the seat in the bath.

 Make sure that the seat has a mark indicating the maximum water level, then type water, not exceeding the specified height. At an inflatable chair, make sure that the valves through which air is inflated are tucked inwards.

 Also, make sure that the device is stable, and only then put the baby in it. And of course, do not leave your child unattended.

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