Useful Tips on Choosing the Best Baby Bedding

The main task in organizing a children’s bed is to provide the child with comfort and healthy sleep. Therefore, the choice of baby bedding in the crib should be approached with great responsibility. Firstly, it must be of high quality and meet all safety requirements. Secondly, baby bedding must have the right size, and thirdly, your baby should like it.

In order not to make a mistake in your choice, you should get acquainted with the main criteria by which you will choose baby bedding in advance.

General Tips for Choosing Baby Bedding for Newborns

Three “components” of good baby bedding are quality, aesthetics, and safety. So, while choosing the baby bedding, keep in mind to pay attention to them.


First of all, this criterion implies the composition of the fabric. An ideal option for a newborn is, of course, cotton. That is excellent air exchange, absorbency, elimination of hypothermia or overheating, and anti-allergenicity. You can also pay attention to calico and chintz while choosing baby bedding.

Lack of Unnecessary Details

There should not be any buttons or zippers with small elements on the baby bedding. They may get into the baby’s mouth and lead to suffocation. As for the seams – they must be processed in the most thorough way (only internal and invisible). The ideal option is bedding without seams.


This criterion depends on the size of the mattress. If your mattress is of classic size, choose the bedding of the classic size as well. But if the crib has another size, or its purchase is only planned, then the standard size may not work.


Baby Bedding Set

A set of items of baby bedding depends on the needs and possibilities. This can be a regular set of 4 elements or of 8 (taking into account the side, additional pillow, etc.). As a rule, for a newborn baby, a complete set is quite enough, to which you can add removable sheets, pillowcases, and covers.


It is better to choose a sheet for a mattress on an elastic band – so there will be fewer excess folds on it. For the same purpose, it makes sense to take pillowcases on an elastic band.

The Choice of Colors

How to choose the right set of baby bedding? Bedding does not have to be white – other colors are allowed, but it is better to choose calm ones. Too bright colors excite the nervous system, and they will not benefit the child. In addition, they may contain harmful dyes. Baby bedding with cartoon characters can be chosen when the baby grows a little and is able to distinguish and study them.

The Choice of Color Plays an Important Role

Manufacturers offer a wide range of patterns and colors of baby bedding sets. They can be bright and dark, delicate, with geometric patterns, and with cartoon characters, and simply plain. From such a variety, you can easily get confused, and what to choose for the baby?

It is not uncommon that parents choose the bedding that they like, but a child will sleep on it, so the choice should be in his favor.

For active children who are easily excited, it is necessary to choose gentle tones. Blue, terracotta, and sand colors can become a great choice. With their help, children will easily relax and relieve stress.

For infants, it is better to choose bedding in delicate colors. It can be peach or blue, pink or caramel. It is better that there is no drawing on such bedding, and if it is present, it should not be catchy.

Older children have their own tastes; therefore, pictures play an important role for them. It is better to give preference to bedding with your child’s favorite heroes. Then the child will enjoy falling asleep.



A set of good baby bedding cannot be very cheap. But sometimes the price is not an indicator. Therefore, be sure to check the quality, labeling, and certificate.

Useful Rules for Choosing Baby Bedding

  • Choose bedding sets with a smooth texture. Any applications and inserts on the surface of a cover or pillowcase can bring a child discomfort.
  • The fabric should emit a light aroma of textiles. Any other smells indicate a low quality product.
  • Attention should be paid to related quality information and care recommendations. If there are no manufacturer details on the package of the baby bedding set, then the quality and safety of this product have doubts.
  • Make sure that there is no electrostatic effect.
  • Sheets are better to choose on elastic bands or laces, so the linen will not stray and provide the baby with a quiet sweet sleep.
  • Bed linen must be used seasonally. A warmer option should obviously be used in winter, and satin, calico or bamboo can be used during summer time.

Some More Tips

  • If you want baby bedding to last longer, choose sets of durable cotton fabrics that tolerate washing well – linen, satin, calico. Keep in mind that strength index is indicated on the factory label.
  • Choose fabrics dyed with natural dyes. To make sure of this, just smell the fabric – it should not have a smell of paint.
  • You should not buy too many baby bedding of the same size, because the child is growing fast. Still, you should have a couple of baby bedding sets in the wardrobe.
  • Before going to the store, measure the mattress, blanket and pillow to buy the right size.
  • It is better to purchase bedding for a child in specialized stores working with children’s goods. This will protect you from poor-quality products that could harm your child.