How to Decorate the Child’s Room? Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

baby boy nursery ideas

It’s not a secret that children grow up quickly. Their tastes, character traits, and behavioral patterns change at the same rate. All these moments have to be taken into account when creating the design of the room for a boy, even if he was recently born and does not yet distinguish green from blue. If you thoughtfully approach the solution of key issues of space design, the result will please not only parents, but will also make children happy. In the article, we’ve gathered some practical advice and interesting baby boy nursery ideas to help with this tricky issue.

Nursery Design Depending on Age

The rapid development of the child is the main thing you need to pay attention to when organizing the interior of a nursery for a boy. Who will live in it: a newborn with a minimum set of needs or a teenager who is fond of music? A room is a place from which babies begin to explore the world, develop and form as individuals. Therefore, choosing the right design means making a contribution to the happy future of the children. All elements must be relevant, interesting and pleasant to your son. Consider the basic rules of design for each stage of life.

baby boy nursery ideas. boy nursery

Boy Under 3 Years

In the early years of the boy’s life, the design of the nursery is more important to the parents. A comfortable bed, educational toys, a lot of space for movement and study – this is enough for a developing baby. Furniture should be safe, without sharp corners. On the floor there should be a warm carpet that is easy to wash.

It is better to make the interior in pastel colors, not too motley, but at the same time quite diverse that the child learns to perceive different shades, to highlight objects of interest, etc. Funny aesthetic stickers will help to decorate a small “world” of the child.

At first, it is better to organize the nursery for a boy minimalistically. In time you can add new, more complex parts and objects.

Boy from 3 to 5 Years

During this period, the individuality of children begins to form. They try to express their desires, which also concern the filling of the room. Boys have their own hobbies. So, a small table and chair, a miniature workspace, should be placed in a convenient place depending on their hobby.

Entertainment and educational toys still remain an important part. Parents gradually teach boys to order, so storage spaces should be as comfortable as possible.

baby boy nursery ideas. baby nursery

Design of the Room for a Student

Making room design is getting complicated. Due to the fact that the boy is loaded with the school program, the priority is to purchase a full-fledged workplace with shelves for books, boxes for notebooks, and so on. Already at this age, the child must independently organize a personal zone, while maintaining order.

Games gradually take the form of hobbies. For example, in the room of a young musician you need to find a place for a piano, in the room of an artist – a place for a drawing ease, etc.

What Style to Choose?

There are not so many stylistic design options for a nursery of a boy, but even they will not appear in a canonical interpretation. In the arrangement, parents often make a start from some subject, focusing on the hobbies of the child.

Using a certain style will help to create a design competently, as well as fit it into the overall image of the apartment. In addition, at a more mature age, adolescents usually refuse children’s fun, giving preference to a presentable appearance. Consider the most popular solutions for boys of different ages.

baby boy nursery ideas. a nursery

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Nursery for the Boy in Modern Style

Perhaps this is the most cross functional option. In such an interior, you can add interesting furniture of unusual shape and bright colors. At the same time, toys and technics look harmonious, being a continuation of the design of the room.

Furniture should be functional, comfortable, without too much decor and details. Multi-level one-piece kits that combine several zones at once (for sleeping, entertainment and study) look also very nice.

Space Style

Of course, this is not futurism, but rather its more primitive imitation with the active introduction of space subjects. It’s a popular design, because who did not dream of becoming an astronaut in childhood?

While doing such an interior of a nursery, it is necessary to consider your budget first, as such a design can be expensive. But not necessarily. The usual enclosure ceiling with a starry sky, a few glowing globes and toy spaceships will look very interesting.

baby boy nursery ideas. space design

Pop Art Style

This style fits well into the room of a young lover of comics or video games. Bright colors, stylized posters and paintings, shocking figures – your child will be delighted with such a space. This is an option for creative children who aim to leave their trace in the world of art and will definitely not lose enthusiasm over the years.

With proper design, such a nursery can look solid and stylish for a boy; the main thing is not to overdo with colors. Geometric shapes will also look great in such a design.

Loft Style

If the house is made in the style of a loft, then the nursery is likely to be designed in the same style. For boys, this will only be a plus, because nothing enhances the desire for adventure like bare brick walls, as if in old castles and catacombs, brutality and unique decor objects.

Modular furniture, characteristic of this style, is ideal for a developing child, his needs and quantity of things that grow every year. Loft is a great “canvas”, on which the boy will eventually add bright colors of his hobbies.

baby boy nursery ideas. loft style

Baby Boy nursery Ideas: Selecting Colors

In the modern world, there is a tendency to deviate from typically female and typically male colors. Indeed, the child’s tastes may vary: someone likes calmer colors, others like bright or saturated ones. However, at a young age, color plays an important role in the formation of character. Thus, for educational purposes it is better to focus on the cold palette.

Blue Nursery for a Boy

This means all shades of blue – from light blue to rich marine. This color is considered the most popular solution for boys for a reason. It has a positive effect on children, helps to calm and balance.

In addition, blue is associated with the sea, dark colors – with the space, and this is perfect for the thematic interior of the children’s room. It is better if it is the dominant shade, as the soothing effect is simply leveled in combination with bright colors.

baby boy nursery ideas. blue nursery

Green Nursery

This is another good option that will help instill a love of nature in the child. Natural, aesthetic color will create a peaceful atmosphere in the interior of the nursery, especially if you combine it with white or brown.


White nursery is an excellent decision in the first years of life of the baby. In the future, it is necessary to add bright accents so that the child does not become bored, since with illiterate use, the space can acquire a sense of sterility. And this is not a good result.

baby boy nursery ideas. white nursery

Gray nursery for a boy

Gray is a serious presentable color that will help the child feel like an adult. Gray tint blends well with other options, while balancing them at the same time. Make sure not to forget to add interesting pieces of furniture, paintings or posters to the walls. Also, it is important to fill the space with natural light.


Colder shades are suitable for sensitive creative natures, while maintaining a masculine character. Making the whole nursery in such a color will look unnecessarily bright, but purple textiles, one side of the decoration or other elements that attract attention will look very interesting.

baby boy nursery ideas. purple nursery


Aesthetics of space – this is certainly important and plays its educational role, but do not forget about the health of the child. It is necessary to take a responsible approach in the choice of materials for finishing, preferring hypoallergenic and eco-friendly bases.

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