What to Pay Attention to while Choosing a Baby Carriage?

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The desire of fathers and mothers to provide their children with the best is completely natural and understandable. But the opinion that the best products are the most expensive ones is not always fair. The best baby carriage is the one that is chosen individually and is convenient both for the child, and for the parents.

Common Characteristics of a Baby Carriage

If you are choosing a baby carriage, pay attention to the following product characteristics:

  • age category for which the product is designed;
  • position (s) of the child;
  • maneuverability;
  • weight;
  • dimensions, the ability to take compact dimensions and the associated ease of transportation and storage;
  • degree of protection against various natural influences;
  • presence of additional devices, etc.

mom and baby carriage

The combination of the above parameters is the basis for choosing a particular type of baby carriage. If you want to choose the best baby carriage for your baby, it makes sense to consider these characteristics.

Baby Bassinet

Usually, when a parent is thinking about what kind of carriage to choose for a newborn, a classic baby bassinet comes to mind first of all. It is a construction of two parallel bases connected by two pairs of cross levers. The lower base rests on four wheels (usually of considerable diameter), and the upper one is a support for the baby bassinet itself.

This baby carriage is designed for a period from birth to one year until the child learns to sit independently and confidently. In some models, there is the possibility of transforming the bassinet into the walking unit. But it is not always convenient due to the large size of the carriage, considerable weight and low maneuverability.

If you don’t know what carriage is better for newborns, learn the advantages of the baby bassinet models:

  • high position of the baby – firstly, it is convenient to care for the child if necessary, and secondly, there is a more efficient warming of the inner space of the bassinet in comparison to low models;
  • excellent permeability and good damping properties achieved by large wheels and additional damping devices (springs), exclude shaking and make even the longest walks comfortable;
  • the majority of users note the fact that classic models put babies to sleep more quickly.

baby carriage. baby bassinet

Universal Baby Carriages

Universal carriages combine the elements of the baby bassinet and the stroller. They can be transformed from one type to another whenever you need. Such type of baby carriages can last for quite a long time. You use them from the birth your child and up to 3 years.

Universal carriages with a 2-in-1 modular design (bassinet / stroller) – the wheels are the basis of this type of carriages. A bassinet or a stroller is installed on it using the quick-fastening system.

Carriages with a 2-in-1 modular design (stroller / car seat) and 3-in-1 (bassinet / stroller / car seat) are the so-called “transport systems”. The difference between transport systems and universal carriages is the presence of a car seat for newborns (up to a year).

Features of universal carriages:

  • quite serious dimensions and weight;
  • high permeability, large wheels;
  • maneuverability of carriages with fixed wheels is average, with a turning mechanism, it is significantly increased.

transformer baby carriage

Universal baby carriages are a fairly convenient option to use, since if you purchase it, there is no need for separate purchases of the bassinet and the stroller. However, you’ll need to organize the storage of replaceable units.


Strollers are not designed for newborns, even if they have the function of transforming the seat into a horizontal position. This type of carriages is purchased for children from six months of age who have already learned to sit.

Strollers have relatively small wheels. This is a tribute to maneuverability and ease of construction. Such type of a carriage demands a certain quality of the road surface.

Some benefits of strollers:

  • thanks to the extreme ease of the design of a stroller, the parents of the child become more mobile and less dependent on the circumstances. They stop experiencing discomfort when they visit places with large crowds of people or when using public transport;
  • compactness, which the stroller acquires after folding, requires minimal storage space and allows you to transport the product even in a small car trunk.

baby carriage. a baby in a stroller

The Position of the Back in the Baby Carriage

Convincing the child that it is time for him to sleep is not an easy task, especially when the carriage has only one vertical position of the backrest. Fortunately, most of the models, with the exception of the simplest strollers, allow you to change the position of the backrest.

The number of positions available can vary from 2 to 6: vertical (for wakefulness), horizontal (for sleep) and intermediate positions (for rest). Adjusting the backrest is carried out in steps, which increases the reliability of fixation.

Materials and Components

Dense synthetic fabrics with a water-repellent effect will reliably protect the baby from rain and snow and will not require excessive effort when cleaning from pollution. Exterior materials must be windproof.

Another thing is the interior. The material of the carriage can come in “contact” with the skin of the child, and therefore it must be made of natural fabric. Cotton fabric, which is used for the inner surface of the bassinet or seat, is hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and has a quick-drying effect. This is extremely important in the hot season. Removable interior parts can be washed which is very useful.

baby carriage. mom and a stroller

The presence of the adjustments of the components makes the baby carriage much more convenient and practical.

  • The folding seat (changing the position of the module) allows you to carry the child in two opposite directions: facing you and away from you.
  • Changing the position of the handle is a bonus while walking for parents.
  • Adjustable footrest provides optimal support for children of various heights.

Additional Devices

Additional elements of baby carriages are usually simple in design, but this does not minimize their importance.

  • Foot protection is a removable wind cover attached to the carriage.
  • The table is an alternative to the traditional bumper of strollers. It is not only an element of security, but also extra space for games and meals.
  • Raincoat is a removable element in case of rain or snow. It is made of polyethylene and has a window for ventilation.
  • Mosquito net – an easy way to get rid of annoying insects.
  • Adjustable hood – will protect the child from the wind and excessively bright light.
  • A special visor – additional protection from the sun, and a plastic revision window allows you to watch the baby even through a tightly closed hood.
  • The bag is a useful accessory that attaches to the handle and is designed in the same style.

When planning to buy a baby carriage, do not try to choose the most expensive one. The main thing is to decide on all the requirements that are really important for you, and you can easily find the best model among huge range available nowadays.

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